Sunday, November 16, 2008

Black Mesa Benefit/ Film Screening of Broken Rainbow


Black Mesa Benefit/Film Screening of BROKEN RAINBOW

Monday, November 17th
7:30pm at SubRosa Infoshop:
703 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz. (next to the Bike Church)

A benefit event for Dineh (Navajo) families at Black Mesa who are resisting forced relocation from their ancestral homeland and the continuation/expansion of devastating mining operations by Peabody Coal. BROKEN RAINBOW is an Academy Award winning documentary that tells the story of this genocidal, industry-led displacement of over 14,000 Dineh.

In the 34 years since the Relocation Act was passed, Dineh at Black Mesa have steadfastly refused to leave their homeland, carrying on with their traditional ways. The remaining families face harassment from government officials and the steady degradation of their lands from massive strip mining operations.

The relocation continues, as does the Dineh struggle for survival. Support is urgently requested.

Local supporters will give an update on recent developments in the struggle at Black Mesa and answer questions as they’re able.

Admission will be $5 (or more) at the door. Attendees are encouraged to bring donations of supplies (food, tools, first aid kits, clothes, etc - see list below). Donated supplies will be driven out to Black Mesa next week by supporters from Santa Cruz.

A Santa Cruz contingent will be joining this year's Black Mesa Caravan. Work crews from across the US will be traveling to Black Mesa, to deliver supplies and assist with on-land projects.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, see these websites: - Black Mesa Indigenous Support - Black Mesa Trust - Black Mesa Water Coalition - Save the San Francisco Peaks (related)


* HARDWARE/TOOLS: Shears, axes, mauls, sledgehammers, shovels, pick-axes, hammers, handsaws, chainsaws, hoes, pliers, wire-cutters, nails, rope, sledgehammers, construction tools, drills, generators, floor jacks and tools for vehicles are very helpful.
* FOOD: potatoes, oats, beans, brown rice, peanut butter, white flour (Bluebird is excellent for fry-bread!), blue cornmeal! (locally available, for pancakes, flat bread, and hot cereal), baking powder, grains, oil, canned foods, fruit & vegetables -fresh from farms if possible, dried milk, coffee, herbal teas, fresh vegetables & fruits, fresh meat if it can be delivered frozen or cold, dry foods, nuts.
* ANIMAL FOOD: Hay for the livestock and food for dogs and cats are very much appreciated. Dogs play an important role in guarding and herding sheep while cats keep the mice population down
* MEDICINE: Cedar, white sage, osha root, other herbs, arthritis medicine, Arnica muscle-easing salve, herbal teas, & first aid. Another form of medicine is massage for the Elders.
* CLOTHES: Nice blankets & clothes please. Horse blankets included.
* HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Soap, toilet paper, personal items, pocket knife, matches & lighters, flashlight & batteries, propane, gas, dishwashing liquid, sponges, cloths, brushes.
* GOOD READING MATERIALS! Books about resistance, Indigenous authors, educational books, etc.
* MISC: radios, scanners, solar panels, blankets, batteries, lanterns, heavy duty flashlights. Additionally, several families have expressed the wish to have a huge canvas or army tent so that residents can set up community meetings and gatherings.
* Seeds & Permaculture projects
* Recording equipment (audio, video, photos)
* Tires - new or good used ones. Mainly 235/245/255/265 x 15's and 235/245/255/265 x 16's. Two families specifically could use 265/SR16.
* Vehicular repair & vehicle parts
* Working vehicles

More needs are listed on the Black Mesa Indigenous Support website.

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