Thursday, November 29, 2018

December 2018 Angry Black Girl Magical Realism An Art Installation by Whitney Sparks

December 2018

Angry Black Girl Magical Realism

An Art Installation by Whitney Sparks

Whitney Sparks is an artist mother writer and queer Black femme agitator (organizer doula herbalist yoga teacher permaculturist) who grew up in Silicon Valley and Saratoga. She has lived nomadically all around the world and earned degrees from Yale and a Masters in Fine Art from Zurich University of the Arts.
Angry Black Girl Magical Realism is an installation in three parts:
Ancient Future: The Noose as Umbilical Cord ~ this collection of mixed media artwork from 2018 explores the cosmic realm of ancestral knowledge as a powerful magical and/or spiritual force of Blackness that can land on Earth in healing shifting ways/waves for their descendants in the Diaspora.
Migrating Womxn ~ portraits of people traveling in the caravan made to uplift their struggle and above all to RESIST the dehumanizing agenda that threatens their lives. ALL proceeds from these portrait sales will go directly to support the caravan refugees.
Mixed Messages ~Collage postcards by yours truly from around the world. Get $5 off a yearly subscription to these original works of art for 2019 by ordering with the code SUBROSA via, before January 1.

Artist’s Statement:

Ancient Future: The Noose as Umbilical Cord 
Some of us ARE the daughters and the descendants of the witches and healers and midwives and sex workers who DID burn. Others present are the daughters and descendants of those who did the burning. Not just fittest who could not be burned survived.
What if … Those of us who are the descendants of the BURNED & LYNCHED were to RECLAIM those nooses? What would that mean? What would we do with the ropes? What if…
The Noose is a portal to the future:
portal to a cosmic womb space,
reclaimed and sacred
as umbilical cord, connecting us to truth.
As a dance,
As a net, what would it catch?
The knitted nooses of our ancestors, gathered back together…
Could we ever hope to haul in a different future? Different from the bleak one projected now?
To Migrating Womxn ~ My heart calls out with the cry of a nomad mother who has not felt safe in her homeland. I honor the time travelers and families fighting for a brighter future every step of the way! The Spirit of the Universe lives through you… May you be safe and comforted. 
Art show opening Friday, December 7th, 6pm

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