Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Support SubRosa Fundraiser!

Earlier in the summer we started had the goal of raising $2500 by the end of August.  Well, we have some ways to go toward that goal.  So far, $155 has been raised.  A new goal is for us to raise our monthly expenses...around $700 should cover that. us out if you can.  Go to our donation page at EverRibbon... 

It's part of our mission to provide a community space outside the realm of commerce. Your donations help SubRosa to continue to fulfill this mission, as we have for the last 5 and a half years.

SubRosa also aims to be a vibrant social space.  Not only do we have our regular open hours, but the space hosts many different types of events such as, shows with local and out of town do-it-yourself bands, a variety of Free Skool Santa Cruz classes, Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In film screenings, an open mic, revolving art shows, and an eclectic array of other stuff...look through the website to see some of the history of past happenings at

Your can donate to our secure page at EverRibbon, which collects the money through WePay.  SubRosa is also fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so your donation can be tax deductible.

And so you can donate HERE, and we thank-you for any financial assistance you can offer no matter how large or small.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Monday Aug. 25th "Sex & Relationships with Yum" 7:30-9:30pm (and every other Monday)

"Sex & Relationships with Yum"
Monday Aug. 25th, 7:30-9:30pm  

Yum will be leading an event twice per month here in Santa Cruz at SubRosa, entitled "Sex & Relationships with Yum."  2nd & 4th Mondays every month beginning Monday Aug 25, 2014, 7:30 - 9:30 pm.  Call for info: 831-334-6876.  Free - donations to SubRosa encouraged (notaflof).

Each meeting there will be a short presentation followed by question, answer & discussion. You will have the opportunity to ask questions anonymously if you prefer!

Topics covered will include:  Celibacy, Monogamy & Polyamory; Pleasure in Sex; Relationship Values; Acceptance; Passion; Love, Freedom & Aloneness; Consent; Communication; Jealousy & Compersion; The Sexual Matrix; The Wheel of Consent; Assertiveness & Receptivity…and anything related to our theme of Sex & Relationships that you're interested in!

Yum Van Vechten has spent the last 20 years studying, practicing and teaching about healthy sexuality and relationships. He has attended the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco and studied and trained under the following amazing teachers (alphabetical by first name):

Betty Dodson, Betty Martin, Byron Katie, Cacilda Jetha, Caroline Carrington, Celeste Hirschman, Charles Muir, Christopher Ryan, Cynthia Lamborne, Danielle Harel, David Deida, David Schnarch, Desiree Banzhaf, Dossie Easton, Eckhart Tolle, Francoise Ginsberg, Fred Burks, Gay Hendricks, Jack Morin, Joseph Kramer, Kamala Devi, Ken Wilber, Kenny Loggins, Janet W. Hardy, Mare Simon, Osho, Reid Mihalko, Robert Frey, Robyn Lynn, Shawn Roop, Susan Campbell and Yoah Wexler

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wed. A Show! & Thurs. Women, Trans, Queer Open Mic!

Wednesday August 20th: A Show!  With...

Hang the Old Year from PDX, on their Hooray for Anarchy! West Coast tour,

In the Winds from here, spells dreams and heartstrings by jessie james briar birdcall post abandon ship! banjo and voice,

Like a Tree our friend Fir's musical project. Their music is catchy, dreamy, a little haunting and undeniably moving

An evening to put into practice our desire for SubRosa to be a vibrant social space. So, bring yourself and your passion and your magic and...

7:30pm (bring $ for touring folk & notaflof)
More info at

Thursday August 21st: Women, Trans and Queer Open Mic!

Every 3rd Thursday of the month we reserve the stage for Women, Trans, and Queer folk though everyone is invited and encouraged to come enjoy the show. These Open Mics are always special.

Open mic is a space for you to share yourself in anyway that feels right to you. You can read a story, poem or journal entry that feels important to you. You can sing or play a song you are excited about. You can make other people act out weird or funny things you think of. You can ask questions you need help answering. You can rant about things that piss you off. And you can just come and soak it all up.  This is an open space, full of possibility for you to step into.

Donations directly benefit this community-supported space. Signups for performance at 7:30 fill up quickly. Bring your creativity and artistic inspiration.

SubRosa Bi-Monthly Open Mic
1st & 3rd Thursday 8-10pm (signups at 7:30)
$3-7 at the door. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Info & Reflection on police killing of Michael Brown & aftermath

Here are some articles and audio regarding the police killing of Michael Brown recently.  Police across this land, and across the world, kill and abuse people every day.  This occurs in a social context where race is often a factor as police serve to maintain an order that does not benefit most of us (and in fact I would argue that none of us actually benefit as this planet is being wrecked in such a way that all of life is threatened, not just human life).
And  beyond looking at these dynamics analytically, there is the emotional impact, where family members and friends grieve the loss of their loved ones, and sadness and anger are present.  These moments are times in which this every day reality for some has a spotlight shown for all of us to see and respond to, for deep questions, and for transformative action.

Of course, this killing by police is not an aberration, and racial tensions are still very evident in this country.  I want come together with others where we challenge these systemic imbalances.  There are also multiple ways in which we as individuals are positioned in this system, and I want to uproot those ways that are blockages from more fully connecting and relating to other people (and more) with whom I/we share this earth.

The Front Lines of Ferguson: The death of Michael Brown and 48 hours at the center of an American crisis in Ferguson, Missouri by Rembert Browne (Aug. 15th): This is a moving article from a person who went to Ferguson on Tuesday and experienced the complexities of being in the city as a black man in the aftermath of the police killing of Michael Brown.

from Free Radical Radio (Aug. 14th): Interview with Luca and Elsie, two anarchists from St. Louis who have been in and around the riots/revolt against the police murder of Michael Brown.  They discuss the lead up to the riot, the militarization of the police, the peace police/left/liberal/church/non-profit's attempt at containment, and much more.

Initial report back from Anarchist News (another perspective)

Police have also killed 4 people in Salinas this year. More at

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Really Really Free Market- Saturday August 16th, noon-3pm

Saturday August 16th: Really Really Free Market! noon-3pm

No money. No trades. Everything is free.

This market is based on a gift-economy and thinks capitalism sucks. Bring food to share. Bring your special items that you don't use but can't throw away (ex. clothes, toys, art supplies, instruments, books and zines...your free box). Bring your special talents to offer people (ex. haircuts, message, reiki...). Come and take what you can use and say thanks! We will have folks to check in with as you arrive. First come first served, space may be limited. If you bring things, you are expected to take away whatever is left at the end of the market.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Finding frustration and fighting fear (from

Here is a post from the website and as this is happening locally and SubRosa is a community space where you can get informed about various happenings in Santa Cruz, I am including this post on the SubRosa website. Part of our intention for SubRosa is to create a vibrant community space, and for folks to support each other to also engage in the rest of the city in ways that create more space for empowered and authentic relationships with each other and the land on/with which we live.

At the end of this entry, there is an additional post from the SC11 website about how you can join with others to show your support for the remaining four folks that are still facing charges.  Let's show them that they are not alone and that the weight of the legal system won't crush us!

(Posted August 4th):  On August 27th the remaining SC11 defendants return to court as Judge Burdick hears evidence of DA Bob Lee’s financial connection to Wells Fargo and other arguments of bias against the DA’s office. We encourage signs and actions of support leading up to the 27th, and hope you will join us in court as the next phase of this drama unfolds.


The Santa Cruz 11 case is perhaps the only remaining large open case stemming from the Occupy movement. Almost three years after the original action the case is still without a set trial date and serious motions by Defense attorneys remain unaddressed. Questions that have plagued radical movements for decades sit with us as we wait.

What does justice look like? How do we create a healthier society through our actions? Do people care? Is this worth it?

Spending even a little bit of time in a courthouse you get a picture of how the State uses a myriad of tactics to find quick and profitable outcomes to cases. Behind many options are the questions “Do you really want to put in the energy to see this case through? Wouldn’t it just be easier to end it now?” Innocence and evidence end up meaning less than the toll it takes to fight your charges or the fear of the State’s threats.

Listening to the judgments and deals made with District Attorneys you also get a sense of how much weight money gets in this “justice” system. Often enough if people just pay the fine offered by the DA the details of the charges, what happened and why, lose meaning. One almost hears the sound of a cash register as person after person is ordered to pay and then passed on to probation.

In the SC11 case we can’t help feeling frustrated that things are still unresolved. If you have not been in the position of awaiting trial, it is often an extremely debilitating experience. How can one plan one’s life when at some unknown point in the possibly near future they might have a trial that takes up all their time for weeks? How can one plan one’s life when they don’t know if they will be in jail, up to their neck in fines, or tied to court dates that are imposed by other peoples’ schedules? The psychological effects of our judicial system have been proven to be traumatizing and this is speaking only of the internal affects. The pressure to take a deal and to get things over with builds as time goes, and the public tends to forget any sense of “innocent until proven guilty” putting the blame for the drawn out case on defendants. It takes courage in our political and criminal climate to fight charges.

Viewed in a certain light our society is pervasively motivated by fear. Fear of being wrong. Fear of difference. Fear of punishment. Fear of not belonging. Each interaction with law enforcement carries the threat of batons, tazers, guns, courts, jails, prison. It takes incredible integrity to remain true to oneself when faced with these threats. What would happen if we started giving each other space to stand without fear? What would happen if we could identify when we are afraid, communicate our vulnerability and from that place of connection seek resolution and actions that serve not just ourselves but differing communities? We hope that the Santa Cruz 11 case can be a source of inspiration and an opportunity to challenge ourselves to step out from behind our fear. We hope that it can be a part of us asking ourselves, does this makes sense? And if not, what can I do about it?

As most other Occupy cases are closed and as our County faces drought and other serious issues, the SC11 case just feels absurd. Hundred of thousands of taxpayer dollars have been spent by the City in efforts of saving face and making Wells Fargo some pocket change all the while keeping our community members in this place of waiting. The DA’s office has been unwilling to budge from the over $25,000 restitution amount even when their own police department estimates that over 150 people were involved in the occupation of 75 River. Is this about “right and wrong”? About money? Or about power? The relationship between money and power is clear in the courthouse and in City Hall with Wells Fargo as a perfect example of how prioritization is given to certain economic positions. Recently news of the bank’s policy of forging foreclosure documents has been made public and while court proceedings regarding those actions are underway Wells Fargo is still evicting people and profiting as the most successful bank in this country.

We who live in Santa Cruz are responsible for creating the culture we live in. We can remain strangers and potential criminals to each other, or we can live in good faith and see each other’s struggles as our own. We must make up our own minds about what makes sense, and listen to our own hearts about what feels right. May we live connected to the land we live on, to the people we live with and to ourselves and our truths.

Yours in commitment to the hard work,
Friends of the Santa Cruz 11

Join us on the 22nd as we Parade 

for the SC 11!

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