Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wish List for the Anarchist Library

Hey, we like presents too.

Something amazing is happening at SubRosa. New BOOKSHELVES!

Maybe that doesn't sound so amazing to you, but for those of us who maintain the Anarchist Library it's really exciting. And more shelves means more room for books. You can help us expand the Anarchist Library by checking out our wishlist over on that corporate book website that shall remain nameless, and then heading out to your local bookstore to buy the books, and bringing them into SubRosa for the library. Or maybe you already have a copy of one of these books sitting around gathering dust. Bring into the Anarchist Library and share it with everyone.

Another way to support the Anarchist Library is to RETURN THE BOOKS YOU HAVE BORROWED in a reasonable time frame. We don't like to send out lots of emails and make lots of phone calls asking for these books back. But the fact is that we have a lot of great books in the library, and we make those books available to everyone, but the library only works if those books get brought back once in a while. Try not to keep books for more than a month.

Thanks for helping us improve the Anarchist Library! And a very special thanks to the little elves who made the beautiful new bookshelves!

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