Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Spring! Time for scavenging!

Hey, Friends.

It's spring!  Sunshine!  Clear skies.  Here at SubRosa folks are emerging from their winter cocoon, and there's a bustle of activities around the space.  People feels active and smiley and social.

This brings to mind two synchronous possibilities:  1) You may be doing a little spring cleaning, and 2) SubRosa staff will be putting some extra love into the space in a series of spring workdays.  Perhaps we can provide a little mutual support.

Here is our scavenge list, things we find we are needing around the space.

  • Redwood 2x6s to repair and complete the decks
  • Redwood 1x10s to make more book shelves
  • Metal chairs, particularly folding chairs (but not the ones with pads that will get soggy in the rain) for outside
  • Track Lights, standard non-halogen style, for inside
  • Aluminum electrical conduit (EMT) to redo some wiring in the yard
  • A deadbolt lock for a door keyed on both sides
  • Old skool rag mop
  • Tools for the space so we won't have to always borrow people's personal tools
  • Big chunks of broken concrete
  • Cash money to buy stuff we can't scavenge

Can you look in your garage or backlot or squat to see if you might have a few things on this list?


Wes & David
SubRosa Staffers

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