Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ideas for creating a supportive atmosphere in Santa Cruz

Thank you for your support so far. This has been, and will continue to be a rough ride.

I know that friends are looking at the accusations in the paper, and they
probably don't gibe with what you've experienced of anarchist projects, if
you've taken a Free Skool class, if you've seen a free community movie with
Guerilla Drive-In, or if you've sat in SubRosa enjoying a performance or a
cup of coffee with a friend. In the world I want to see, people work
together to create community, support each other, solve problems without
domination and reliance on outside authority.

I suspect supportive people are standing on the sidelines hoping to help, but
not knowing where the best places to put their energy are. So I made a list
if it will help. Please don't feel obligated to do any of this unless you
are personally compelled to. Here are things you can do:

  • Going to SubRosa to support staff.  We are trying to make sure that no one staffs alone.  While the space has been visited by threatening aggressive people, we have also been visited by curious, open individuals who came to show support.  Bring friends.

  • Write letters in support of people and organizations who are being targeted.  Letters might go to nearby projects, landlords or threatened projects, employers of those targeted, letters to the editors, and just other friends in the area.

  • Call and support people who are going through a lot or working doubletime to help others through the shitstorm, not just people who have become the focus of media, but the people around and supporting them.

  • If you know someone who was hurt or scared by what happened downtown on May Day, take a moment to express your compassion to them. 

  • Teach anyone you can about the true meaning of anarchism, maybe even expressing this in public forums to further understanding.

  • Contribute to what might end up being a long and expensive legal defense ,

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