Friday, June 18, 2010

Presentation by NEST, June 25th at 7pm

NEST, Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team
Friday, June 25th at 7pm
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NEST is an all-volunteer group of self-organizing, tree-climbing humans. They take on a role as canopy surveyors, who utilize the Northwest Forest Plan’s “Survey and Manage” laws to protect ancient forests threatened by clearcut logging.

NEST formed out of the Fall Creek tree-sit in 1998, when several observant forest defenders noticed paid USFS surveyors walking transect lines and climbing trees. These paid surveyors were seeking the treetop nests of red tree voles. Unfortunately, their abstract survey protocol does not fully account for tree vole habitat, and it is not ideal for finding nests. Under Survey and Manage, each red tree vole nest documented was required to receive a 10-acre surrounding buffer where no logging could occur. Following a little research, the forest defenders realized just what needed to be done to do a much more thorough job, on their own.

Since this time, NEST has found hundreds of Red Tree Vole nests in areas that were slated for logging. Thousands of acres of forest have been saved, as a result of NEST surveys.NEST has surveyed everywhere from the Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon, as far north as the Mt. Hood National Forest, and many sites in between.

The slideshow will present some of the finest photos from the 10 years of NEST's activity and describe how you can get involved.

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