Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Conspiracy Tour hits SubRosa, Mon, Aug 16 at 7pm

Conspiracy Tour 2010 at SubRosa!

The Scott and Carrie Support Committee is excited to be teaming up with the RNC 8 Defense Committee and friends to bring The Conspiracy to Santa Cruz! Featuring presentations about both of these cases and upcoming trials, as well as information on AETA, grand jury resistance, dealing with state repression and more, this will be a roadshow to remember even before you read about it in your FBI file.

Conspiracy Tour
Mon, Aug 16 at 7pm
$5 suggested donation

Tour to Raise Support Has the State Up in Arms

...The State of Minnesota alleges that organizing a convergence space for protesters to have meetings, eat free meals, and check teh interwebs (on computers that an FBI informant helpfully set up!) makes the RNC 8 guilty of conspiracy. The Federal government claims that Scott DeMuth’s writings and associations suggest that he is an anarchist and therefore a domestic terrorist, making him guilty of conspiracy under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

We say organizing resistance to state repression isn’t conspiracy. It’s survival. We say living our lives according to our principles isn’t terrorism. It’s our right. We say we’ll continue organizing no matter how much the state tries to destroy us and our communities.

So if this is conspiracy, we say to you…Join the Conspiracy!

This summer, the Conspiracy Tour is going on a whirlwind, month-long excursion across the continental United States to raise awareness of and solidarity for political activists from Minneapolis, MN who are facing severe state repression. Come join us in raising political support and much-needed legal defense funds for the RNC 8 and Scott DeMuth.

It’s been alleged that the Tour will include a musical puppet show, a scintillating presentation on the charges the activists are facing, and various (some would say nefarious) ways you can join the Conspiracy to support targets of state repression. In addition to the usual perks of joining a conspiracy, co-conspirators will be learning ways to strengthen and protect their communities from future incidences of state repression. You know, just in case.

Come find solidarity, strategizing, resistance, and community that the state could only dream of! This will be a roadshow to remember even before you read about it in your FBI file.

Find out more about the Tour: http://conspiracytour.wordpress.com/.

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