Monday, February 28, 2011

So much happening at SubRosa this week!

This Week At SubRosa, March 1st-6th

-Tuesday March 1st at 7pm:
Readings- short stories, poetry and Music!

**Readings by Julian Smuggles, two short stories about depression and being twenty something, as well as releasing a new zine.

**Brenna Coates will be doing spoken word poetry.
**Live music with Caspian from Blackbird Raum with friend, Nick Golden, and Burning Bridges.

-Wednesday March 2nd:
many goings-on!

**Furniture Making- 10am (a Free Skool class)
Creative use of found materials and design techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. Only material availability and motivation will limit us in this class. With Chris.
**Community Building Exercises- 5pm-7pm (a Free Skool class)
This class or working group will focus on group exercises that build group solidarity and true, close community-- Trust exercises, group games, and sharing and visioning circles. Students will both experience these exercises first hand with each other, and hopefully leave feeling comfortable facilitating the exercises in the future. Heavily recommended for anyone living communally and/or doing community/political organizing. With Chrisso.

**Beat Boxing/ Mouth Percussion- 6pm (a Free Skool class)
Very fun beat boxing classes with emphasis on world music influences. Very kid friendly. Requirements: Have fun and develop a portable entertainment system. With Kenny.
**Radical Film Night- 7:30pm- This month's theme is Crime Pays!
Come watch films with others, eat popcorn (we will bring some, and we encourage you to bring snacks to share as well) and after the screening we can share in a discussion of the films. $2 donation (notaflof)

-Thursday March 3rd:
Open Mic- sign ups 7:30pm and begins 8pm

Come express yourself, challenge yourself, challenge the audience. $5-$7 NOTAFLOF

-Friday March 4th: 2 evening happenings

**Dungeons and Dragons Meetup- 5-7pm (a Free Skool class)

Dungeons & Dragons is a game in which people play within an imaginary world together, becoming heroes and going on mythic adventures. D&D doesn't have to be the classic Tolkien world-- it can be funny, desperate, sad, futuristic, deal with large adventures of any type. Moreover, D&D can build friendships, train your imagination, develop your creative problem solving, and build political and spiritual consciousness. D&D can be set in a world of rebellion, Empire, good versus evil - a world much like our own. If you are interested in being part of an ongoing D&D game come by the class, where we will talk about what we want. If you miss the "class," contact us to get involved in the game. With Chrisso.
**First Friday Art Opening- photography by Kyle Sanders- 6pm-8pm

These images began after I left the cold of the forest to join the working society again, returning to rent a room and share my life with housemates. I moved in intending to make art, but none of the images produced were conceived by this plan. I began to continue a previous interest with human/urban decay and public art, shooting compulsively, trying a variety of lighting and weather. I pursued this idea here locally, as well as San Francisco and Los Angeles.

-Sunday March 6th: A weekly women and trans friendly reading group at SubRosa! 2-5pm**

We will be reading a zine every Sunday. Please join us for reading and discussion of the text. Feel free to bring snacks and such. E-mail for more info and an upcoming reading list!
**This reading group is limited to those folks who identify as women, trans and/or fem.

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