Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Art Opening: Friday April 6th, 6pm

"Fateful" by Naali Aelfgifu

Art show with dramatic watercolors, incorporating pine needle & cedar basketry.

"I am at this time primarily a watercolor artist. Only one of my paintings is acrylic. My paintings on paper almost always incorporate colored pencil, standard pencil and/or ink. I love how so many accidents or surprises are possible with watercolor. My themes are a reflection of my travels-geographic or other. Many of them are portraits of people I felt were irresistible to paint-who made my very fingers itch. Often this is because of their complex regalia-I am always drawn to intricacy which is obvious in my choice of crafts (bead work and basketry). And just as often, because some spirit in a person or arrangement of features spoke so concretely as to be irresistible for painting.

Many of these portraits are old-this show reflects in fact, an entire decade of painting, and I hardly remember what I was thinking when I painted some of these things. I can say that I feel influenced by the struggle of wild places to stay wild, the wild spirit's brutal, daily struggle against the colonization of the spirit, by other worlds and ancestral memory.

The more recent, larger paintings are highly personal and I don't expect people to be able to glean their "meaning". Nor do I think that is necessary but that by quieting the analytical mind, one can just experience the effect on one's spirit. I get told sometimes-"I don't understand your paintings". And I say that analytical understanding is not the only way to understand and appreciate art. So ask me for the story if you feel like you need to-I'll probably tell you, but you can also choose to use your emotions and senses for "understanding."

A note on the framing: Some of my paintings are framed using basketry-in both pine needle and cedar. I am especially drawn to wilderness skills, and basketry seems to be the one that has been drawing me the strongest of late. I can't say why except that intricacy, repetitive deign, teensy tiny stitches, always capture me. I love to teach basketry and other wilderness skills. Let me know if you are interested in a certain subject, because a workshop might be able to be arranged."

Art Opening, Friday April 6th at 6pm with food and beverages.  
Meet the artist and other good folks.

 Basketry and other craft classes to be given throughout April.

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