Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Return of FrankenThings, Fri Aug 10th 5:30pm SubRosa

Coming up on Aug 10th, the Return of FrankenThings.  We get together and solder and deconstruct and reassemble electronics. 

The Return of FrankenThings
Fri Aug 10th at 5:30 until late
SubRosa 703 Pacific Ave

Never built an electronic circuit before?  Tired of working on your projects in the basement by your lonesome?  Come hang out!  Learn the basic skills necessary for soldering, get help on a project, or help someone else with theirs.  Have something that's broken?  Let's be silly and try and fix it.  In this self-guided geeky free time, we'll disassemble, break, fix, and recombine mechanical and computing peripheral stuff.  We don't have a plan, but we'll have fun and share what we know.  (I'll be disassembling a USB keyboard and combining it with an old car radio to transform it into a unique controller for a linux MP3 player.)

Bring a soldering iron if you have one, bits and bobs, any electronic projects you want to work on, and the results of any research you need to do it.  We'll teach you how to solder.

A Free Skool Workshop sponsored by
the Union of Benevolent Electrical Workers

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