Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Full Next Couple Days at SubRosa!

-On Friday September 7th, 7pm:  BETWEEN TWO MYSTERIES, Art Opening, Featuring work by Annelise Kinney and Jacob Ander Simowitz.

Prints, drawings, photographs, snacks and maybe other probably shouldn't miss the reception. This show will be up for the entire month of September!

This month's show features accumulated works, past and present, of two artists. photographs, prints and drawings narrate a reality both imagined and tactile of life in the forests, on the coasts, and within many cities.   Annelise and Jake reside in Santa Cruz for now....

Annelise's work is both elegant and scruffy, using visuals from the natural world and the human body.

Jake's photographs being displayed are created moments from periods sprawled in his life and in the states. A collection of dusty memories and negatives revisited and distorted with new processes.

Also on Friday, 4-6pm- Letter Writers Anonymous Meets Again

Join us for another evening of letter writing! No experience necessary, and some materials provided. We'll use typewriters, pens, and paper to send notes, missives, dispatches, and more around the globe. Don't have anyone to write to? We can help with that, too!

-On Saturday September 8th,
5pm:  Mystery Band! Showcase
                                                                         with 3 Mystery Bands

What is a mystery band?  People with basically no musical talent, some musical talent, or a lot of musical talent, throw your name into a hat to get placed in a band with 5-6 other people. You'll have 6 weeks to come up with 20-30 minutes of original music. After 6 weeks, watch as your comrades brazenly play their incredible music! Anyone can do mystery band!  Requirements: Willingness to try and to have fun; patience, kindness and supportiveness.

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