Sunday, July 28, 2013

At SubRosa and elsewhere for the week of July 29th

Good Stuff at SubRosa (and elsewhere)!

Less scheduled things happening at SubRosa this week...but still some good stuff going on.  Our open hours may flux a bit as folks are in-and-out of town in August, but don't be deterred from coming down (you can also call first to see if we are open, 426-5242*)

Also, at the end of this post is info about an event happening on Wednesday, although not at SubRosa, I included it since SubRosa is also a place to find out about important goings-on in this town.

-Wed. July 31st-  regular open hours 2-7pm*

         Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom (HUFF)- 2-4pm: HUFF is Santa Cruz's oldest and most stubbornly persistent grass roots homeless advocacy group. We make trouble for the powers that be and fight institutional human rights abuses.
        A Show with Bands from  (very) Far-Away!  XTRAMEDIUM (pop punk from the French Riviera) & BAD HEX (emo/synth pop from Spokane, WA) & AMBER DEAREST (zine readings from Montreal, QC)  Bring $5 for touring folks (notaflof)!  They've come from so far away!!  Bring your friends!!!  This show is gonna rule!!!  A facebook thingy is at (note: lots of exclamation points!  yes.)

-Thurs. Aug. 1st-  regular open hours 2-7pm*

        Open Mic- cancelled and will resume in September!


-Sat. Aug. 3rd-  regular open hours 2-7pm

-Sun. Aug. 4th-  regular open hours 2-7pm (a bit irregular sometimes)

***Hello friends! This is a call to action for Wed July 31st from local prison abolitionist group Sin Barras. Its part of an international day of solidarity with Prisoner Hunger Strikers and Trayvon Martin, because those are two powerful struggles happening right now that are clearly connected. The gist of it, is that people are being asked to attend a rally at 6:30 at the clock tower that day, as well as fast in solidarity with prisoners.

There's more ways to get involved and more info about what's going on if you read below. Just try to remember that when people are putting their bodies on the line in that way, things get urgent fast and we don't have the luxury of time, so WE are the way that this will be promoted!

Spread the word. It helps the prisoners to know we are out here supporting them, so show up or fast if your health permits. Its worth noting that the prisoners are asking folks to not engage in civil disobedience that day, which can have bigger consequences for them than for us.

And here's the facebook event.
And the Indymedia event post.

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