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Around Town!

Happenings Around Town
This Week and Beyond!

SubRosa is a community space and also a place to find out about happenings in town.  So, in that spirit here are some events happening in the next week (and beyond). 

There is also a lot happening at SubRosa, that ranges from the open possibilities of regular open hours to the open mic to a couple of shows coming up to a film screening in late March to a special event in a week or so (more on that later).

Tuesday March 11th:  Show your support for the Santa Cruz 11- This coming Tuesday, March 11th join us in calling in to Bob Lee’s office and telling them to Drop The Charges! From 8-12 and 1-5 call the District Attorneys office at (831) 454-2400 and let them know their actions aren’t representing you. The DAs office exists to act on behalf of the residents of Santa Cruz County and has a duty to respond to our opinion.  From the support site (and more info there as well)

A Bunch of Free Skool Classes are coming up in the week ahead!

-Field Guide Walk: Campus adventures
, N. Remote Parking Lot, UCSC
    Every Tuesday – 11am
    with Tyson

Want to help create a common language field guide for the UCSC campus and
upper forest? Every week we will explore different areas of the land to collect
experiences, drawings, stories, photos, and anything else in order to eventually
compile into a guide of the plants, animals, and histories of campus. Bring
whatever it is you use to record your interactions and observations (camera,
drawing pad, journal, binoculars, nervous system, to name a few) and we will take
to the forest! Come share your knowledge and help create some. Requirements:
Water Directions: Empire Grade to UCSC West Entrance, right on Heller Drive,
follow until it dead ends at North Remote parking lot, walk to trail head at top of

-Class Myths & Realities, Contact for Location
    Wed Mar 12th – 7-9pm
    with Olive

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" -
Nelson Mandela. This is a process group meeting to address the somewhat taboo topic of
class privilege and class oppression. We will do exercises to debunk stereotypes and
dissect systems. We will have a discussion where we can address our own
perceptions around income inequality in the United States and how that plays out in
our own lives. This is a chance to learn from each other about class dynamics and
how that shapes and structures so much of our existence. Requirements: If you're
ready to explore 'class', this is the right class for you!

-Really Really Free Market, at SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave
    Sat Mar 15th, Apr 19th, May 17th – Noon-3pm
    with Trashbox Liberator
No money. No trades. Everything is free.
This market is based on a gift-economy and thinks capitalism sucks. Bring food to
share. Bring your special items that you don't use but can't throw away (ex.
clothes, toys, art supplies, instruments, books and zines...your free box). Bring
your special talents to offer people (ex. haircuts, message, reiki...). Come and take
what you can use and say thanks! We will have folks to check in with as you
arrive. First come first served, space may be limited. Mutual respect. If you bring
things, you are expected to take away whatever is left at the end of the market.

-Sea Foraging: Food From The Sea, meet far end of Santa Cruz wharf
    Sun Mar 16th – 10am-Noon
    with Jesse
If you are into collecting and eating foods from the sea, come learn what seaweeds
are edible, when it is safe to consume shellfish, and where to go fishing locally. We
can also discuss local marine ecology, safety and contamination of the ocean,
"legalities" of fishing/foraging on our coastline, and more, as well as try our luck at
fishing off the wharf. Rain postpones. Requirements: Bring gear if your like, but
not required. The wharf is often colder and winder than in town so dress warm.
NOTE: No fishing license is required to fish off the wharf.

-Women/Trans/Fem Workshop, The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave
    Sun Mar 16th, Apr 6th, 20th, May 4th, 18th – Noon-3 pm
    with BC WTFers 831-425-2453
Bicycle maintenance has traditionally been an overwhelmingly male-dominated
area. It is our goal to provide time for individuals who may have been marginalized
or intimidated in this setting to be supported in being knowledgeable and confident
in cycling, mechanics and tool use. This workshop provides a safer space for
women and trans identified folks to work on their bikes and learn new skills.
Taught by women/queer mechanics. Directions: Entrance on Spruce Street

-Creature Class, at The Fábrica, 703 Pacific Ave
    Sun Mar 16th – 3-6pm
    with Stef & Blaize
Join us for an afternoon of stuffed creature creation! Using basic hand or machine
sewing, and finding inspiration in found materials, a world of button eyes and
yarny mouths emerge. Bring something special to add to your creature and use our
bin of scraps.

-Making Mead and Manzanita Cider in the Woods! N. Remote Parking Lot, UCSC
    Sun Mar 16th – 5pm
    with Burl & Naali
Come make some delicious mead and manzanita berry cider from plants we find in
the forest to take home with you. We'll bring samples we've made to try. And then
we'll howl and dance under the full moon! Requirements: Bring jars filled with
water, manzanita berries you saved from the winter, food in case you get hungry.
Directions: Empire Grade to UCSC west entrance, right on Shiller, follow until
dead ends at North Remote Parking Lot, walk to trail head at top of parking lot.

-Guitar Lessons, at SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave
    Sun Mar 16th, 23rd, 30th, Apr 6th,13th, 20th – 6-7pm
    with Monica Salandra 310-499-3163
It doesn't matter your skill level, let's learn how to read tablature, play scales, play
chords and basic strumming patterns, fingerpick, tune your guitar by ear, make a
capo, string your guitar, and jam with others. Requirements: If you need to borrow
a guitar, ask me! I've got a few I could possibly bring. Also, if you need help
putting strings on I'll teach you how to do it.

-Gurdjieff Discussion Group, meet at The Abbey, 350 Mission Street
    Tue Mar 18th, Apr 1st, 15th, 29th, May 6th, 20th – 5-6pm
    with Allan Lindh
Informal discussion of the ideas and practice of G. I Gurdjieff. A "modern"
approach to the ancient quest for self-knowledge. No ritual, no beliefs, no religion,
just practical approach to the question of who I am, the possibility of a work in life.
See FaceBook/GurdjieffSantaCruz for details, changes in schedule. Requirements:
Honest desire to see myself as I am.

Also of note:  some folks who have the forest related classes in the Free Skool calendar (some are detailed above) also have their own Forest Walks Calendar for Spring! 

You can check it out by going to their facebook page and website. and 

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