Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tues. 4/15 at 8pm- A Night of Great Music!

Tuesday April 15th at 8pm
A Night of Music with
Stone Crowe and Sag on Tour!
and Friends from Santa Cruz

Stone Crowe- folksters, playing radical tunes on acoustic instruments, no amplification beyond a crowd shouting in unison, with celtic and bluegrass infuences weaving acoustic guitar, a capella chanting, spoken word, your voice and your feet together in what can only be called a breathtaking gamble. from Portland

Sirqueen sagitta-
an auditory assault wielding an acoustic guitar and a set of pipes that you just can't miss (they won't miss you, in any case). vulnerable and ferocious, unnerving and invariably compelling, saggita is the difference between fire-wood and fire-did. from Portland

Burl Woods- shadowy earth folk drifting off a mountain porch (from the Gembrokers and so much more!) and ) from SC

Nicole- playing with Burl and with her own spoken word offerings, like a misty morning in a redwood forest (from Madrona and also so much more) from SC

In the Winds- spells dreams and heartstrings by jessie james briar birdcall from SC and yonder

come on out and participate in the songs of our age: narratives of radical counter-cultural challenges, stories of better times on the horizon (or just below it), and some oooooold dirt-grubbin' sepia-toned hardy folk tunes.

This is a fundraising tour for saggita's top surgery!
so bring $ and no one turned away

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