Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tonight! Sat. Apr. 26th! SubRosa Local Showcase! & Tues. Apr. 29th, 7pm: A Show!

Tonight! Saturday, April 26th! SubRosa Local Showcase! Doors at 7:00/Music at 7:30- 3-7$ N.O.T.A.F.L.O.F. (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Feat. The Contra-Costas, Emporia, Lennon Stankavich, Neely Oeftering, and Francesca Olivo


Well, as a way to help push some local artists 'off of the diving board,' and into the local music scene, we've decided to throw these shindigs every once in a while. All of these bands and artists are the 'up and comers' who generally haven't played at SubRosa community space (with the exception of open mics, other groups, etc). I'm sure you'll be seeing them around a lot more often.

*The Contra Costas (indie/synesthesia enthusiasts)
**Emporia (norcal progrock/beardrock)
***Lennon Stankavich (bluesman/cameraman)
****Neely Oeftering (acoustictunes/brandnewfan)
*****Francesca Olivo (singersongwriter/local)

If YOU would like to be on the bill of the next local showcase, talk to Nick (only redhead in a few square blocks) or Joe (goofy punk wearing all green) at the show.

Tuesday April 29th, 7pm: ANOTHER Show!  

We're on tour! in Santa Cruz one night only// We miss yall!

*Try the Pie (san jose)
**BAGHEERA (pdx santa cruz poppunk)
***LOOMS (no practice one time reunion show!)
****Bare Bones (santa cruz oldtime folky friends)

Please bring some dollars for the touring band/SubRosa, $3-5 NOTAFLOF!

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