Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6/6- Friday Art Opening Featuring Artwork by the Women of the Santa Cruz County Jail, 6/5- Open Mic, 6/4- A Show!

Art Opening 
Featuring Artwork by the 
Women of the Santa Cruz County Jail
Friday June 6th from 6-8pm

Featuring artwork, talent
and stories from the women.
plus snacks and beverages.

The Artistic Rehabilitative Therapeutic* (ART) Initiative is a UC Santa Cruz student-run organization that conducts weekly therapeutic art projects with the women in the Santa Cruz County Jails.

Our mission is to pair art creation with coping skill education in a supportive and collective space in order to tackle issues regarding recidivism and idleness.

This program provides a reciprocal learning relationship with the inmates and facilitators, aiming to educate and heal through creating self-esteem, fostering creativity, and empowering a critical consciousness within a supportive community.

More information is available at http://www.theartinitiative.org/

Now go back in Time from Friday 6/6 to the previous Thursday
and attend SubRosa's 1st Thursday Open Mic on 6/5!

Open mic is a space for you to share yourself in anyway that feels right to you. You can read a story, poem or journal entry that feels important to you. You can sing or play a song you are excited about. You can make other people act out weird or funny things you think of. You can ask questions you need help answering. You can rant about things that piss you off. And you can just come and soak it all up.

Donations directly benefit this community-supported space. Signups for performance at 7:30 fill up quickly and it all begins at 8pm!

Once more I encourage you to step back in time from Thursday
 and go to a great show Tomorrow, Wednesday June 4, 7pm!

*Emperor X (noisepop/folk) http://emperorx.bandcamp.com/

**Slime Girls (chiptunes/punk) http://slimegirls.bandcamp.com/

***Just Nick (2ndwavewhining/folkpunk) http://nickwuebben.bandcamp.com/

****Justin Beepboop (localpunk/chiptunes)http://justinbeepboop.bandcamp.com/

*****The Limes (shrektunes/folkpunk) http://alexanderthegrape.bandcamp.com/

ALL AGES & $3-7$ @ DOOR (notaflof)



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