Saturday, August 16, 2014

Info & Reflection on police killing of Michael Brown & aftermath

Here are some articles and audio regarding the police killing of Michael Brown recently.  Police across this land, and across the world, kill and abuse people every day.  This occurs in a social context where race is often a factor as police serve to maintain an order that does not benefit most of us (and in fact I would argue that none of us actually benefit as this planet is being wrecked in such a way that all of life is threatened, not just human life).
And  beyond looking at these dynamics analytically, there is the emotional impact, where family members and friends grieve the loss of their loved ones, and sadness and anger are present.  These moments are times in which this every day reality for some has a spotlight shown for all of us to see and respond to, for deep questions, and for transformative action.

Of course, this killing by police is not an aberration, and racial tensions are still very evident in this country.  I want come together with others where we challenge these systemic imbalances.  There are also multiple ways in which we as individuals are positioned in this system, and I want to uproot those ways that are blockages from more fully connecting and relating to other people (and more) with whom I/we share this earth.

The Front Lines of Ferguson: The death of Michael Brown and 48 hours at the center of an American crisis in Ferguson, Missouri by Rembert Browne (Aug. 15th): This is a moving article from a person who went to Ferguson on Tuesday and experienced the complexities of being in the city as a black man in the aftermath of the police killing of Michael Brown.

from Free Radical Radio (Aug. 14th): Interview with Luca and Elsie, two anarchists from St. Louis who have been in and around the riots/revolt against the police murder of Michael Brown.  They discuss the lead up to the riot, the militarization of the police, the peace police/left/liberal/church/non-profit's attempt at containment, and much more.

Initial report back from Anarchist News (another perspective)

Police have also killed 4 people in Salinas this year. More at

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