Sunday, August 3, 2014

Questions & Intentions

What does it mean to hold and act on anarchist principles?  How does this relate to being in a community with other folks that also have similar orientations?  Near, where we are in each others' lives directly and far, where we form broader networks of relations across space (and time?).  How do we individually and collectively relate to other folks that don't consider themselves anarchists and are also working/living/struggling for ways to live that are more authentic to them?  What is your/our relationship to this planet on which we live and depend on for our very survival?  How can we thrive in that relationship?  What does/could that look like?  How does that relate to your anarchist principles?  How does that relate to other orientations and ways of being?

Let's explore these and other questions together, in theory and action, with creativity and passion.

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