Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thurs. 3/26-Thurs. 4/2: Anti-Racism Working Group/ Vocal Playshop/ Info Night for Alix Tichelman/ A Show!/ Open Mic and more!

At SubRosa Thurs. 3/26-Thurs. 4/2!

-Thu, March 26, 5:00-7:30pm:  Anti-racism working group

-Sun, March 29, 3:30pm:  Vocal Playshop Forest Edition (meet at SubRosa to carpool)

and later that Sun evening at 7-8:30pm:  Info Night for Alix Tichelman.  The presentation will cover the case against Alix Tichelman and explain the various players involved in keeping her locked up in the Santa Cruz County Jail. Alix Tichelman was arrested on July 4th, 2014, by the Santa Cruz Police Department in connection with the death of a man named Forrest Hayes, a Google executive. Six months prior to her arrest, Tichelman and Forrest Hayes decided to meet up on the night of November 22nd, 2013 for a rendezvous on his yacht in the Santa Cruz harbor. After asking Tichelman to inject him with heroin, Hayes went into cardiac arrest and passed out. Tichelman left the yacht and was ultimately captured. She is now being demonized as a hardened seductress and killer by the SCPD and the media. With all of the negative publicity surrounding her name, we hope to shed a little more light on the situation. Please come to our event and get informed about the case.

-Tue, March 31, 7:30-10:00pm:  A Wonderful Night of Music! with Of the West (SC) // Wing & Claw (SLC) // Matty & Chelsea (SC)

-Thu, April 2, 7:30pm – 10:30pm:  First Thursday Open Mic!  Open mic is a space for you to share yourself in anyway that feels right to you. You can read a story, poem or journal entry that feels important to you. You can sing or play a song you are excited about. You can make other people act out weird or funny things you think of. You can ask questions you need help answering. You can rant about things that piss you off. And you can just come and soak it all up. Donations directly benefit this community-supported space. Signups for performance at 7:30 fill up quickly. Bring your creativity and artistic genius.

Also, from, Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement Begin, including in Santa Cruz with folks from Sin Barras and others.  Read more at the link to the article.

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