Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mon: A Show!/ Fri: Dance!/ Sat: Anti-Racism Working Group & Another Show! And More!

  This Week at SubRosa!

-Mon, April 6th, 7-10pm:  indie soul, dark earth folk, and pop punk show all in one night!

*Months of Indecision (A two-piece lyrical acoustic band from Olympia, WA. Just punks playing sad love songs.) &
**Great hart and Koi  (poppy punk! from San Jose!)
***Inle Elni (dark earth locals fresh out of recording!  from Santa Cruz & beyond!)

This is going to be a great show, and worry not! There will be another wonderful local act that you won't want to miss as well. Come for the coffee, stay for the beautiful music!

$5 for touring bands - NOTAFLOF

-Fri, April 10th, 9pm-1am:  Clubrosa - a queer dance party

come dance. bring your fabulous selves in whatever forms that may be. hella glam, hella femme, hella square, hella quiet, hella sassy, a little bit of everything. this is a space for you to do you and be loved for it.

we will post the playlist plan at least a week before the party and intend on it being a collaborative effort this time!

spread the word. get your fits ready for the photobooth. we're gonna dance.

$7 donation (notaflof) to benefit SubRosa and a queer land project

-Sat, April 11th, two events at SubRosa!!

Anti-racism working group

  Yet Another Great Show!  with nessa! Tyler! and more!

nessa! of former Santa Cruz fame is blessing us with her musical prowess on tour with a friend from New Orleans! this is not to be missed! more info to come....

Here is a reminder about our open hours!

-Tuesday:  10-2pm
-Wednesday:  11-3pm (open hours & HUFF meeting 11am)
-Thursday:  2-7pm (Open Mic 1st & 3rd Thurs. 7:30pm) 
-Friday:  2-6pm
-Saturday:  10-2pm
-Sunday & Monday closed (except for special events)

And one of our Hub neighbors is having a celebration on Tuesday (the Hub being the overall community center that SubRosa shares with the Bike Church, the Fábrica, PedX, Computer Kitchen and People Power).  The last group on that list, People Power, is changing its name to Bike Santa Cruz County! Come celebrate with them next Tuesday at 4pm in the Subrosa courtyard and at Lupulo at 5pm, go to the formerly-People Power website for more info.

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