Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Letter Writing to Prisoners/ Really Free Market/ Sin Barras/ HUFF/ Open Hours & More!

It has been awhile since this website has been updated...and still life goes on!  Yeah, stuff still happening at SubRosa and here is a peek at some of it!

-Thursday July 16th

    -2-6pm  Open Hours
    -7:30pm  Letter Writing to Prisoners

-Friday July 17th
    -2-6pm  Open Hours July 18th
-12pm-3pm  Really Really Free Market:  No money. No trades. Everything is free.

This market is based on a gift-economy and thinks capitalism sucks. Bring food to share. Bring your special items that you don't use but can't throw away (ex. clothes, toys, art supplies, instruments, books and zines...your free box). Bring your special talents to offer people (ex. haircuts, message, reiki...). Come and take what you can use and say thanks! We will have folks to check in with as you arrive. First come first served, space may be limited. If you bring things, you are expected to take away whatever is left at the end of the market.

-Tuesday July 21st
    -10am-2pm  Open Hours
    -6pm  Sin Barras Open Hours (may be changed, info posted on the gate to SubRosa)

"Sin Barras is a group formed in 2012 in Santa Cruz, CA for members of the community that are directly affected by police terrorism and have loved ones in jail and allies dedicated to prison abolition.  We fight to abolish prisons and the prison industrial-complex."  More info at

-Wednesday July 22nd
    -11am  HUFF meeting

HUFF is Santa Cruz's oldest and most stubbornly persistent grass roots homeless advocacy group.  We make trouble for the powers that be and fight institutional human rights abuses.  More info at news from around town.  The remaining four folks of the Santa Cruz Eleven had court yesterday.  The four took a "deal," which seems like an inappropriate word for what actually took place.  It would have been more appropriate if all of the charges would have been dropped and perhaps the four compensated for the anguish of having this process drag out for so many years.  The four folks still have restitution to pay, so this isn't over yet.   I encourage us all to offer our support to these four people and others ensnared by the legal system.  More information and wonderful reflections at

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