Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday- Understanding Marxist-Feminism/ Thursday- To Change Everything: The Promise of Anarchism
 An International Panel Discussion

Every Monday at 7pm in October!
*Thinking Critically about Society Fall 2015 Seminar Series at SubRosa!*

Oct 19th at 7pm: Understanding Marxist-Feminism

What is the function of domestic labor under capitalism? Why were women pushed out of the factories after the war? How can we understand the "unhappy marriage of Marxism and feminism"? This seminar will look at the works of Angela Davis, Silvia Federici and other key Marxist and feminist thinkers to explore the nature of the feminist movement in relation to anti-capitalist movements.

We at SubRosa are thrilled to have folks from Monterey that are a part of The Direct Action Monterey Network (DAMN) come to Santa Cruz to host a series of discussions at the space.  More info at and

"This series of seminar sessions has been put together to encourage the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge surrounding a particular topic or theme. We believe that everyone can have something to offer to the seminars as we move through current debates in politics and different political and social theories."

Thursday October 22nd at 6pm- brought to you by folks at Crimethinc:

To Change Everything:
The Promise of Anarchism

An International Panel Discussion

This panel brings together organizers from Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and North America to discuss the significance of anarchist ideas and tactics in the 21st century.

The participants will compare experiences from the wave of protests and uprisings that has swept the world since 2010—exploring the role of demand-based politics in both catalyzing and limiting movements, examining a variety of forms of repression, and critically evaluating experiments with direct democracy. They will conclude by assessing the prospects of contemporary struggles for self-determination in an era of globalized capitalism and state control.

All of the presenters are contributors to a recent outreach and dialogue project, To Change Everything, which appeared earlier this year in over twenty languages.  More info about the project is at and event info at

And of course we have open hours on Wednesday for the HUFF, Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom, meeting at 11am, and we are open Friday (2pm-6pm).  Plus, when the gate is open!

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