Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wed- Abuse and Patriarchy: 3 Part Workshop/ And More!

-Wednesday June 1st: Lots Going On! 

7am-8:30am, Rise Up and Shine: Anarchist Breakfast
    Breakfast and current events discussion from an Anarchist perspective.

11am, HUFF meeting

    HUFF is Santa Cruz's oldest and most stubbornly persistent grass roots homeless advocacy group.   And SubRosa is also open for anyone to come and enjoy the space.

7:30pm: Abuse and Patriarchy: A Three-Part Workshop about Unity and Struggle (on Wednesdays May 25, June 1, June 8 at 7:30pm)

    Brought to you by the public school project.  more info at and other offerings also available at the website

Info from the above link:  Learning to Fight, Learning to Heal. Like everybody else, Unity and Struggle members have grappled with how to address abuse and patriarchal behavior in our society, and in left organizations including our own. We don't have easy answers, but we've found it helpful to study the nature of abuse under capitalism and different responses to it. Here is the syllabus for an abuse study that some U&S members and friends are currently test-driving in several cities, based on interest. We hope other groups will take up the reading list, adapt it to their needs, and use it to craft responses to abuse in our movement and lives.

 Study guide and curriculum available at free and open to the public.

-Sunday, June 5th, 9am-2pmTea Party with Zoie & Randy

    Come try out home made scones, cookies, or other sweet things (for donation), drink tea and coffee and hang out with some rad folks.

-Monday, June 6th, 7:15pm: 
Sin Barras meeting

From the Sin Barras website "We will discuss ways that Sin Barras can support local and state-wide abolitionist campaigns and how we can further support loved ones inside and their families. We will also discuss what's going right here in Santa Cruz County. So please, bring your ideas and your desire to end the prison industrial complex!"

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