Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In Days Ahead! @ Brkfst Thurs // Art Opening Fri // Silvia Federici Sat // A Show! Tues // & More!

-Thursday, March 2nd:  All through the day...

Rise up and Shine: Rasin' BrAnarchy- An Anarchist Breakfast //

    An informal anarchist breakfast for those who rise up early. Current events discussion, baked goods, coffee, and our weekly early anarchist poll.

    2-6pm:  Open Hours! 

    Come on by SubRosa and see what's going on around town or check out a book from the @ library or purchase a zine or book.

-Friday, March 3rd, 6-9pm:  "Dye/Resist" new textile work by A Bond

    Dye/Resist, a new textile work by A Bond, was made by thinking and feeling through processes of feminized labor made invisible and isolated by a variety of conditions: gender, age, disability, anxiety, depression, PTSD, poverty and precarity in general. To effect a similar kind of negation, the artist submerged a previously bright, colorful, floral patchwork piece into a black dye bath. All the contrast negated, the marks of painstaking work that produced it rendered barely perceivable. What remains are traces, tiny sites of resistance where form emerges on an otherwise monochromatic landscape of shadowy textures and hues.

A Bond is an artist with a background in music, craft and fashion, drawing from the deep influence of DIY punk, queer feminisms and magick. 

Show opening! So come to SubRosa and make an evening of being in the company of inspiring art and good folk.  Art and creative expression is an important part of engaging in these times!

-Saturday, March 4th, noon-2pm:  Silvia Federici:  An Open Dialogue About Strikes and Social Reproduction

    The Public School: Santa Cruz will be hosting Silvia Federici for an open dialogue about strikes and social reproduction. This event will be co-sponsored by the Anthropology and Social Change Department at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and the Center for Creative Ecologies at UCSC. The event will include childcare, food, and literature.

-Monday, March 6th, 7:15pm: Sin Barras meeting

    From their website
"We will discuss ways that Sin Barras can support local and state-wide abolitionist campaigns and how we can further support loved ones inside and their families. We will also discuss what's going right here in Santa Cruz County. So please, bring your ideas and your desire to end the prison industrial complex!" 

-Tuesday, March 7th, 7pm:  A Show!

    with Hemingway and
and others too!  Bring $ for touring bands (notaflof)
-Wednesday, March 8th , 10:30am-2pm:  Open Hours and HUFF meeting

    Come on by SubRosa and see what's going on around town or check out a book from the @ library or purchase a zine or book.  Also at SubRosa at the same time, HUFF meeting,, HUFF is Santa Cruz's oldest and most stubbornly persistent grass roots homeless advocacy group.
And the SubRosa fundraiser is still ongoing!
Click here: support-subrosa!
(and money is processed through a secure WePay account).

We appreciate any support you can offer to this anarchist community space...large and all helps!  We barely scrape by each month and feel further energized for SubRosa to be an active and supportive presence in Santa Cruz, especially in these trying times. And Thanks!

Note:  You can choose how regularly you contribute to SubRosa and the default on the website is weekly.  This can be changed to other time frames as well.  Also, the Action Network, which hosts the fundraiser requests a "tip" and this can also be adjusted from the default of 10% to "no tip" or even more.

Other Happenings Around Town: 
-Community Rental: Documenary Screening – Sunú with director Teresa Camou and Dr. Ann Lopez, Wednesday March 1st, 6:30-9pm at the Museum of Art and History (MAH)
Sunú is the indigenous word for maize by the Tarahumara people of Northern Mexico. Corn is an essential part of the spirituality and culture in communities throughout Mexico. As genetically modified seeds threaten its existence, farmers are fighting to remain free, independent and protect maize.  Following the screening will be a discussion with director Tersa Camou and Dr. Ann Lopez., Dr. Rose Cohen, Executive Director of Community Agroecology Network & Dr. Ann Lopez, Executive Director of Center for Farmworker Families. Learn more here: and

-Complexities of Nonviolence: Want to take Action? Thursday, March 2, 6:30 pm to 8:30 at the Resource Center for (many views of) Nonviolence // 612 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz

Come with Questions, ideas, passion // Different views and Q's // A discussion about violence, nonviolence, and pacifism. A discussion about tactics, strategies, and moralities. // RSVP helpful, not required

Hosts Peter Klotz-Chamberlin and Crystal (Chris Hables Gray) different experiences in different actions.  All are certainly invited. We hope to get people with a wide range of perspectives at this, as well as new people who want to start thinking about their own commitments to action. Peter is a pacifist, Crystal is not, but both see a deep value in NV.

-International Women's Day Strike!  Following the January 21st Women's March against Trump, the largest single protest in U.S. history, women in over 30 different countries have called for an International Women's Strike -- a Day Without A Woman -- on March 8th, 2017, International Women's Day.

March 8th will be a day of action organized by and for women who have been marginalized and silenced by decades of neoliberalism, and who are further threatened by Trump and his misogynist, racist policies. We call for solidarity with trans and queer people, Muslims, immigrants, people of color, sex workers, survivors of violence, currently and formerly incarcerated people, and oppressed people everywhere. We invite people of all genders to join in.  Read more at

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