Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Open Hours / @ Brkfst / A Show! / @ Cafe Workshop Series / Canadian Secret Cinema / & More!

-Thursday, May 25h, 11-4pm:  Open Hours! 
    Come on by SubRosa and see what's going on around town or check out a book from the @ library or purchase a zine or book.

-Friday, May 26th: in the morning and evening...

    9-11am:  Rise up and Shine: Raisin' Branarchy 

An informal anarchist breakfast for those who rise up early. Current events discussion, baked goods, coffee, and our weekly early anarchist poll.   So, begin your day with other folk, sharing food and conversation...what's on your mind, in your heart...

    7-10pm:  A Show with Strangeweather // T & JJ // Tilo // Common Eider King Eider

*Strangeweather:  from pdx-
**T & JJ: from santa cruz (of the band inle elni)
***Tilo: from santa cruz-
****Common Eider King Eider: from santa cruz-

bring $ for touring band // notaflof //

-Saturday May 27th:  in the afternoon and evening...

2-4pm:  Anarchist Cafe Workshop Series. Workshop 1: Freedom Cities

Freedom Cities arises from the demands that we've seen come out of campaigns over the last decade including sanctuary, investments in humanity and our planet, safety beyond policing, real community control, worker rights, community defense, and divestment from militarization and other programs that oppress our immigrants, Black people, Muslims, workers and all oppressed. Freedom Cities goes beyond single issue, reform-centered perspectives to a comprehensive liberation-oriented framework. In this workshop, we will discuss the rise of this movement and connect local struggles to this framework/movement.


6-8pm: Canadian Secret Cinema

Secret Underground Canadian films shown with snacks and beverages. Come check out what is going on up there before you go out for the night! Come hangout and be around people in a low pressure you don't have to talk because there are films kind of way. Come!

Bring some dollars. This is a benefit for Free Cascadia Witchcamp //

and here is an update on something new at SubRosa in the glass display case:  

Portable Fortitude Playing Cards: For uses both serious and frivolous: 54 illustrated playing cards, each imbued with the power to protect you from some common calamity.

Portable Fortitude has infinite uses, including: cartomancy (reading tarot with playing cards), spokecards for your bicycle, talismans on your altar, or standard card games.  Many buy one deck to keep and another to split up and give away, card by card. Keep a card in your wallet for special protection, slip one in a friend's pocket, or string them all over your doorway to keep out all you want kept out (description adapted from website).

See all 54 images here:

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