Friday, November 10, 2017

At SubRosa this weekend! // ¡Este fin de semana en SubRosa!

-Friday, Nov 10, 9am - 12pm:  Open Hours!

-Viernes 10 de noviembre, 9am - 12pm: ¡Horarios de apertura!

-Saturday, Nov 11, 12pm - 3pm:  Really Really Free Market! No money.  No trades.  Everything is Free! 

-Sábado 11 de noviembre, 12pm - 3pm: ¡Realmente gratis mercado! Sin dinero. Sin canjes. ¡Todo es gratis!

Really Really Free Market! Come one and all to give away your old belongings and discover new-to-you treasures. The courtyard abounds with people and things, come enjoy some coffee and browse books while you're here!

    7:30pm:  A Show! with... // Un concierto con...



-Sunday, Nov 12, 11am - 3pm:  Open Hours!
-Domingo 12 de noviembre, 11am - 3pm: ¡Horarios de apertura!

    6:30pm:  A Show! with... // Un concierto con...

RADIATOR HOSPITAL (On Tour - Philadelphia PA)

GAL PAL (Local)



All Ages // Todas las edades
Safe Space  // Espacio seguro

 (Come on by and have some coffee, check-out a book or strike up a conversation)
Wednesdays  from 10:30 - 2pm // Fridays from 9am - 12pm // Sundays from 11am - 3pm // & open for events & meetings

And another reminder...
The SubRosa fundraiser is still ongoing and our rent has gone up $150!
This month we barely covered rent. Can you join us and contribute?
(and money is processed through a secure WePay account). 

***Note:  You can choose how regularly you contribute to SubRosa and the default on the website is weekly.  This can be changed to other time frames as well.  Also, the Action Network, which hosts the fundraiser requests a "tip" and this can also be adjusted from the default of 10% to "no tip" or even more.

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