Friday, May 25, 2018

Sun: Herbal Self-Care for Trans Folks & A Show! later // Fri: June 1 Art Opening // & More!

-Sunday May 27th: Herbal Self-Care for Trans Folks with community herbalist Elliot Lloyd

Part 1: Herbs for the Long Haul , 11am - 1pm
Using plants, nutrition and magic to support wellbeing and thriving for trans and non binary people. We'll learn about using herbs in combination with hormone therapy and gender-affirming practices, as well as what to avoid. We'll explore the esoteric uses of herbs for boundaries, protection and comfort.

Part 2: Herbs for Hard Times, 2pm - 4pm 

Emotional self-care for queer and trans people. We'll explore the use of herbs, supplements and mindfulness practices in times of worry, sadness and chronic stress, and touch on herbal support for trauma and loss. We'll put together self-care plans to remind ourselves what works for us when things get tough.

And later that evening at SubRosa, 7pm...

-Tim Woulfe, Dingbat Superminx, Village of Spaces and BB Sinclair
pure magic comes to grace subrosa ~

*tim woulfe (philadelphia)
**village of spaces (santa cruz)
***dingbat superminx (oakland) 
****bb sinclair (santa cruz)

$5-7 notaflof // All Ages // safe(r) space // no alcohol no drugs no jerks

-Friday June 1st, 6pm: Forward Together Art Show​

This is your chance to see some fantastic Oakland artists' work on display in Santa Cruz! This art show is brought to you by the Diversity Center, but will take place at SubRosa Community Space.

Forward Together is a nationwide organization that "focus(es) on changing the ground on which we fight for the rights, recognition and resources for all families and people." Part of their mission is to gather and promote artwork that challenges the status quo of power, and the collection they have put together for this show consists of artwork from Oakland based trans folks of color. It is a beautiful, daring, radically loving body of work to see! Come join us in celebrating the power of trans artists of color, to shake the foundations of injustice and to create something new.

Feel free to check out Forward Together's website to learn more about their work: There will be free snacks!


(Come on by and have some coffee, check-out a book or strike up a conversation)
Wednesdays, 10:30am - 2pm // Thursdays, 4pm - 7pm // Fridays, 9am - 12pm // & open for events & meetings

SubRosa's gonna be additionally taking on the pacific storefront space adjacent to us from mid June - end of July (although this time frame may be shifting) to be used as a blank canvas for your projects and visions! Hit us up if you want to use the space or have ideas!

Message from Hasta Muerte Coffee, a POC, worker-owned coffee shop and radical bookstore in Oakland. Sharing the message here to raise awareness and solidarity (click on post to read more and how to offer support "Tomorrow (May 19) marks 6 months since we opened! While we'd love to celebrate, we are in emergency negotiations with our landlords, who are trying to leverage the year of labor, materials, and value that we poured into this building to mark up the asking price and sell. Note - more than 6 months ago the price on this building was significantly less than what it popped up again as. After we inquired about buying the building, it was pulled from the market. Knowing they might pull this move that has now landed us here, we secured the first right of refusal when we signed our lease, meaning that if they get an offer on the building we can match it. THIS WEEK THEY GOT AN OFFER! We are working with folks from Oakland CLT (community land trust) and have determined that we could buy the building and convert it to a land trust with some creative funding. (more at the link above)

"June 11th is an international day of solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners. A spark in the eternal night of state repression. A day set aside for honoring those who have been stolen from us. On this day, we share in songs, events, and actions to celebrate our captured comrades and loved ones. In years past, June 11th celebrations have been international and wide-ranging – from potlucks with friends to various inspiring attacks; fundraising benefits and prisoner letter writing nights to all of the untold and unknown ways we keep the flame alive." More at

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