Sunday, July 1, 2018

Something (almost) Everyday at SubRosa!!!

-Monday, July 2nd, 6pmPunk With A Camera & Long Sought Rest

Come out for a fun folk-punk friend filled night! Bring some bux for the touring bands and some buddies to hold your hand! with...

*Long Sought Rest (Oly) a few friends fighting for ourselves, cos who the hell else will? spooky stompy folk punk with turnarounds and yellin about burning it all down n everything! featuring past SubRosa member Obsidian.
**Punk With A Camera (Texas)
****Matty B (Santa Cruz)
and more?!

yeah! // bring $ for touring bands (notaflof) //

-Wednesday, July 4th, 7pm:  Sangre de Muerdago, Latona Odola, Medicine Moon & Bysuss

SubRosa community center will be hosting... 

*Sangre de Muerdago (Galician forest folk) on their North American Tour, presenting their 4th full length album "Noite", released on April 20th via sickmangettingsick.records, Neuropa Records and Música Máxica.  

Sharing this space of night time harmonies with Latona Odola, Medicine Moon, Nocturnal Serenades, and Bysuss. Bring a vessel for your melting heart, and a few dollars for traveling acts.

**Latona Odola- Ethereal dark folk   
***Medicine Moon ('Tales of an Umber earth' Vinyl release show) 
****Nocturnal serenades
*****Bysuss (members of Inle Elni) 

Show at 7 // Sliding scale $5-$10 //

-Friday, July 6th, 7:30 - 10:30pm: She/He/They (art show opening)

Come to Subrosa to see "introspective studies through photography and mixed media of queer portraits"!!!  And get your glitter on - shiny makeup provided but feel free to bring your own as well - there will be a photo booth!!!

Each month, SubRosa hosts a new artist from the community with emphasis on local emerging artists. SubRosa art openings are part of the First Friday Art Tour and are generally on the first Friday of the month. SubRosa would love to feature your art.

-Saturday, July 7th:  Two Happenings! 

12 - 3pm:  Really Really Free Market!  No Money. No Trades. Everything is Free!

Really Really Free Market! No money. No trades. Everything is free. Capitalism NO!. But come to the really really free market to give away your old stuff and/or get new-to-you stuff. Don't be late and be sure to check in with the organizers when you get there.

9pm: Tangerine  (free screening!)

Free screening of masterpiece Tangerine, the realest movie you'll ever consume with your eyeballs. Hilarious, frantic, dark, deep, and centered on the friendship between two sex workers in LA. Played by trans actresses Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor!

Will be played outdoors so bring yer comfy necessities! Free foods will be provided! Put on by The Diversity Center! With support from the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In!

All ages (movie is rated R) // Dry space // Free! //

-Sunday, July 8th, 5 - 9pm: Courtyard Show ft. Seaside acts: DJ young/ vincent Randazzo/ Chris

More info to come...

-Tuesday, July 10th, 7 - 10pm: Manorlady, Highland Eyeway, Human Furniture Co. & Shooting Coal

All ages indie rock show at SubRosa Community Space...

*Shooting Coal (Santa Cruz) 
**Human Furniture Company (Santa Cruz) 
***Highland Eyeway (Vancouver) 
****MANORLADY (Santa Cruz) 

$7 (notaflof) // // dry space

-Wednesday, July 11th:  Two Happenings!!

5:30 - 7pm: Fierce Hearts: Meditation Sit & Talk

If you only go to one mashup this year, it is highly recommended you join us for a meditation and talk in the SubRosa "Temporary Autonomous Zone", facilitated by local Fierce Hearts facilitator Kara Haney. We will meditate for a bit and consider practical tools for working with impermanence and difficulties of the mind!

All are welcome! Dana/Donations accepted // N.O.T.A.F.L.O.F. (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds) //

Don't forget we are in the middle of 45 days of fun! Looks it there will be complimentary vegan soy masala chai in the courtyard after the sit and before the show! The pushcart just needs a little more construction for its big debut. Not bad for a Wednesday evening!

Stick around to mingle in the courtyard on a summer evening and check out the event that follows! Metal show at 8PM will really bring this community/sangha together in an unprecedented way! Travelling medieval scifi adventure themed metal band, ICE SWORD, with Time Panther and Supernaut will slay us with their blistering riffs, but hey, at least we will have contemplated impermanence just before!  FYI: SubRosa is a dry space.

8 - 10pm: Supernaut * Ice Sword * Time Panther

*Supernaut (Epic Stoner Doom, Santa Cruz CA) 
**Ice Sword (Fantastical Heavy Metal, Flagstaff AZ) 
***TimePanther (Heavy Riff Rock, Santa Cruz/San Jose CA) 

$5 Donation // No Alcohol // Extreme Fun //

-Thursday, July 12th, 7 - 10pm: Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries / Squid Ink / Eve's Peach

Cactus Bloom Collective presents...

*FATTY CAKES AND THE PUFF PASTRIES (On Tour - Fresno CA) fat-positive anti-racist girl gang 
**SQUID INK (On Tour - Fresno CA) "amplifying the voices of womxn and femmes combating the misogynoir, white supremacist, cis-heterosexist, capitalist, actual dystopia we live in" 
***EVE'S PEACH (Local) sweetheart san jose power-pop trio 

7$ // 7pm // All Ages // Safe(r) Space // No Alcohol No Drugs //

-Friday, July 13th, 9 - 1am: Clubrosa - a queer dance party

Heads up! DJ BExtra is coming back!!

Come dance. Come wallflower. Come talk. Come shake it. Come unsure. Come with a plan. Come with friends. Come alone. Dress up and get down, or just show up and be down for whatever. 

Clubrosa is a queer dance party open to all genders and persuasions. It is a brave space of expression and fun.

The dance floor is small and will get crowded. The courtyard is open and offers space to chill. Our space is fairly wheelchair accessible and all ages.

$7 at the door. Give as you are able but always give something // This is a dry space, please have your drinks/do your thing before you come (or just elsewhere!). 

We are honored to host the California debut of DJ BExtra (OR)

DJ BExtra is fresh from the hills of Southern Oregon. She calls her sound Deep Femme Disco House, it's a multi-genre blend of empowerment anthems and a celebration of sissys of all genders. She features queers and women and loves a great clap track. //

-Saturday, July 14th, 7 - 10pm: Annie Woodward/The Grasping Straws/Hermit Thrush/Lauren Oraange

The Grasping Straws & Annie Woodward west coast tour!!!!

*Annie Woodward (grunge folk-rock from Norway) 
**The Grasping Straws
(psychedelic art rock from NYC *this tour, the band will feature Edwin Kuykendall on cello and Oliver Budiardjo on hand percussion) 
***Hermit Thrush (garden mirror folk punk from Santa Cruz) aka that new SC scensation you've all been waiting for ♥ 
****Lauren Oraange (that lovely folkstres from Santa Cruz) Finally! a show from Lauren!! It's been too long! 

$7 NOTAFLOF // Safe(r) Space // All Ages //


(Come on by and have some coffee, check-out a book or strike up a conversation)
Wednesdays, 10:30am - 2pm // Thursdays, 4pm - 7pm // Fridays, 9am - 12pm // 
& open for events & meetings

45 Days of Fun!!!
SubRosa is additionally taking on the Pacific Ave. storefront space adjacent to us from mid June - end of July to be used as a blank canvas for your projects and visions! Let us know if you want to use the space or have ideas!  
Email us at!
And check out SubRosa's online stuff for more info about what's going on!!!

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