Friday, January 25, 2019

Tonight! A Show! // Sun. Prisoner Letter Writing & Rojava 101 // Tues. A Reading Show + // & More!

-Tonight!  Friday, Jan. 25th, 7pm:  Suzie True / Horrible/Adorable / Chelsea Jones 

*Suzie True (LA) crybaby pop 

**Horrible/Adorable (Oakland) dreamsicle pop 
***Chelsea Jones (SC) dark punk/psych folk

-Sunday, Jan. 27th, two happenings!

      1pm - 4pm:  Prisoner Letter Writing

Each week we will highlight a specific prisoner, have info on their story and struggle, and have a list of political prisoners to write. Use this time to find a new prisoner penpal, to continue a correspondence or write to someone you know inside. We have materials and stamps but please bring paper, pens and stamps if you like. Some snacks provided.

     4pm:  Rojava 101 (Everyone is welcome at this free workshop!)

We will be presenting a basic overview of the current situation in Rojava, show short clips and photos, have time for questions and group discussion, and have snacks and fresh-made chai!

BONUS! Join us the NEXT DAY, on an international day of solidarity to show support for the Rojava revolution. Meet at 4pm at the clocktower in downtown Santa Cruz, on Monday, January 28th.

Rojava is an autonomous territory claimed by Kurdish forces in Northern Syria. They have held this area since 2012, fighting against ISIS and the Syrian regime. About 4.5 million people reside in Rojava, and it is organized in a system of democratic confederalism. The three main principles are ecology, feminism, and democracy.

-Tuesday, Jan. 29th, 7:30pm:  Mouthguard Reading with Sadie Dupuis and Others

Cactus Bloom Collective presents...

*Sadie Dupuis reading from Mouthguard Dupuis (from the band Speedy Ortiz) is releasing a book of poetry called Mouthguard "The poems in Sadie Dupuis' Mouthguard are a means of developing a deep personal mythology; to read them is to feel what self-discovery is, and then recognize it in the rearview mirror, disappearing over the broken American horizon. They emerge from the place where known experience and the unknown collide; a borderline we all cross on the way to becoming ourselves."  
**Laurence White reading poetry and playing music // White writes poetry and music about overcoming trauma, living with neurodivergence, and existing in a human body 
***Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour reading poetry // LaCour balances poetry and hip hop for a transformative and motivational experience
****Chestina Craig reading poetry // Craig writes dream-like poetry about living with trauma

7$ // 7:30pm // All Ages // Safe Space // No Alcohol No Drugs

(Come on by and have some coffee, check-out a book or strike up a conversation)
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