Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Thurs: A Show // Friday! 2 art openings & Night Market! // Sat: Really Really Free Market! & A Benefit Show! // Sun: A Show!

-Thursday, June 6th, 7pm: SCHC - Hands Of God //Restraing Order // Devils Den // Jawstruck

SCHC Brings you

*Hands Of God (Flatspot Records)
**Restraining Order (Triple B Records)
***Devils Den (Kansas City)
****Jawstruck (SCHC)

7PM // $10 (notaflof) //

-Friday, June 7th: 3 events happening at the same time!

     7-9pm: First Friday: Atmosphereans

Come check out SubRosa's First Friday art installation! ATMOSPHEREANS is UCSC film student, Diana Bucio's, interactive art installation that centers the experiences of Hollywood's film extras. The installation will be happening inside SubRosa.

In Diana's words: "My aim is to provide a space in which attendees can engage critically and physically with the notion of the film extra. It is an opportunity to suggest a new perspective about the type of labor they provide and also give a tactile experience that will hopefully spark conversation, debate, and ultimately, a new way of understanding."

     6-9pm: at the Fábrica -- First Friday: Border Biodiversity

A First Friday open house at the Fábrica with a live screen printing pop-up! Flag materials provided, or bring a shirt to print on. There will be a border political postcard writing workshop and immigrant advocacy legal observer trainings happening concurrently, co-hosted by our neighbors at YARR. Hope to see you there!

A collaborative, participatory research-based art/science project, the Border Biodiversity project seeks to educate and engage participants in a social and environmental critique of current U.S. border policy. Come silkscreen science illustration-inspired images of borderlands animals whose necessary patterns of natural migrations would be damaged and disrupted by the proposed U.S./Mexico border wall.

The Border Biodiversity project is a project of the UCSC Norris Center for Natural History and SymbioArtlab. For more info about the project and contributing artists, please visit

     6-9pm: The Night Market- First Fridays at the Hub

The Night Market! Now happening First Fridays from 6-9 PM at the Hub for Sustainable Living. We will be featuring makers of all stripes! Come discover local artists and crafters, handmade clothing, vintage wares, prints, zines, handmade ceramics, beauty and herbal care, food, drinks and more, all made in town by local artists. This month's Night Market is lucky to have 12 local makers and artists who will be showcasing their art, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, curated vintage collections and more!

-Saturday, May 8th: 2 happenings!

     12-3pm: Really Really Free Market: No money. No trades. Everything is free.

This market is based on a gift-economy... capitalism NO! But come to the really really free market to give away your old stuff and/or get new-to-you stuff. Bring food to share. Bring your special items that you don't use but can't throw away (ex. clothes, toys, art supplies, instruments, books and zines...your free box). Bring your special talents to offer people (ex. haircuts, message, reiki...). Come and take what you can use and say thanks! We will have folks to check in with as you arrive. First come first served, space may be limited. Don't be late and be sure to check in with the organizers when you get there. If you bring things, you are expected to take away whatever is left at the end of the market.

     7pm: A Benefit Show for SubRosa!

A Benefit Show for SubRosa! Help our beloved community space pay rent and keep its facilities up-to-date. Featuring...

*SUNSHINE EYES sweet dream pop with hooks galore
**WYATT SMITH no-wave garage pop
***CROCODILE TEARZ "emotional mod podge twee inspired by laughable traumatic daily happenings"
****EVE'S PEACH blue razz power-pop darlings
*****DYLAN MATTIODA heartfelt emotional folk punk

7pm // 7-10$ // All Ages // Safe(r) Space // No Alcohol No Drugs //

-Sunday, June 9th, 7pm: SCHC -Valtiel // Dontcryformeimalreadydead // Brahm

SCHC brings you

*Valtiel (PNW)
***Brahm (First show) members of bottled up and outlier

7PM // $7 (notaflof) // Come out and support the touring bands //


SubRosa is a collectively run anarchist community space, a place to meet others and challenge our assumptions and act on our passions. We strive to create a vibrant environment for events, classes, meetings, organizing, performance, art, studying and more. SubRosa also offers radical literature for sale, and houses the Anarchist Lending Library. We welcome folks to join us in fostering an environment free from coercion, sexism, homophobia, racism, and other hierarchies.

SubRosa is in downtown Santa Cruz, CA which is unceded land of the Awaswas-speaking Ohlone people. 

And SubRosa is part of a larger community center called The Hub. Check out the Hub's facebook, website & instagram for info regarding other Hub projects! and and

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