Friday, February 14, 2020

Sat: Español/Ingles Convo Group & Really Really Free Market // Sun: A Show! // Mon: Queer Prisoner Letter Writing // Thurs: A Show! // & More!!!

~Saturday, Feb. 15th, 2 events:

     10am: Español/Ingles Conversation Group: This group is open to anyone interested in practicing their Spanish or English conversation skills. The intention is to create a safe and comfortable environment where members of our community can teach and learn from each other. All levels of fluency are welcome. The group is free! The group will be on the first and third Saturdays of the month.

Acompáñanos en SubRosa para conversaciones bilingüe en español y ingles. El grupo es para personas interesadas en practicar su español o inglés en un espacio cómodo, amistoso y respetuoso. La meta del reunión es que participantes enseñen y aprendan uno del otro. Todos niveles son bienvenidos para contribuir. ¡Y es gratis! El grupo será cada primer y tercer sábado del mes.

     noon-3pm:   Really Really Free Market!

Really Really Free Market! No money. No trades. Everything is free. We all have something to share with each other... and to receive with gratitude is also a gift.  This gathering is not about the "stuff" we give and take, but more about how we can care for each other.

This market is based on a gift-economy... capitalism NO! But come to the really really free market to give away your old stuff and/or get new-to-you stuff. Bring food to share.  Bring your special items that you don't use but can't throw away (ex. clothes, toys, art supplies, instruments, books and zines...your free box).  Bring your special talents to offer people (ex. haircuts, message, reiki...).  Come and take what you can use and say thanks!  We will have folks to check in with as you arrive.  First come first served, space may be limited. Don't be late and be sure to check in with the organizers when you get there. If you bring things, you are expected to take away whatever is left at the end of the market. 

~Sunday, Feb. 16th, 7:30pm:  Beetsblog * Practicing Sincerity * BB Sinclair * Eve's Peach

Cactus Bloom Collective presents

*Beetsblog - Los Angeles soft disco jazz pop 
**BB Sinclair - local dreamy bedroom pop 
***Practicing Sincerity - local soft punx with guitar solos 
****Eve's Peach - San Jose power pop stars 

7$ // 7:30pm // All Ages // Safe Space // No Alcohol No Drugs //

~Monday, Feb. 17th, 5-7pm:  Queer Prisoner Letter Writing

Come through from 5-7pm this Monday for cozy tea, coffee & snacks while we continue writing to the queer prisoners we sent holiday cards to through black and pink. We will have card making supplies but also feel free to bring your own! 

Black and Pink's mission is to abolish the criminal punishment system and to liberate LGBTQIA2S+ people/people living with HIV who are affected by that system, through advocacy, support, and organizing. .  

~Thursday, Feb. 20th, 6pm:  SCHC Presents - Jawstruck // Wideman // Neglected Truth



(Come on by and have some coffee, check-out a book 
or strike up a conversation)
Mondays, 1 - 4pm // Wednesdays, 10:30am - 2:30pm // Fridays, 9am - 11am //
& open for events & meetings

And the grad student strike continues... this week a picket line at the base of campus and riot police called in by the university.  Many ways to be in solidarity... show up at picket line ... donate to support fund for striking workers (Support Fund for Striking Workers at UCSC) ... spread the word ... and more! 

Lots more info at 


SubRosa is part of a community center called The Hub --- 
Check out The Hub's facebook, instagram & website for info re: other Hub projects! 

and more from some of our neighbors at The Hub...

-The Bike Church ---.  // //  


SubRosa is a collectively run anarchist community space, a place to meet others and challenge our assumptions and act on our passions. We strive to create a vibrant environment for events, classes, meetings, organizing, performance, art, studying and more. SubRosa also offers radical literature for sale, and houses the Anarchist Lending Library. We welcome folks to join us in fostering an environment free from coercion, sexism, queer&homophobia, racism, ableism and other hierarchies.

SubRosa is part of the Hub Community Center, in downtown Santa Cruz, CA which is the unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi Tribe. The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, comprised of the descendants of indigenous people taken to missions Santa Cruz and San Juan Bautista during Spanish colonization of the Central Coast, is today working hard to restore traditional stewardship practices on these lands and heal from historical trauma. 

 Do you want to join SubRosa in solidarity with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band? 
 -Contribute to The Humunya Foundation of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, a 501 (c) (3) Private Foundation under the Internal Revenue Code.  As such, donations made to the Humunya Foundation are tax deductable. The Humunya Foundation was created to fund raise, facilitate Tribal cultural activities and conduct outreach to the public.  More information 
-Sign up for the Amah Mutsun Land Trust email list for more information and opportunities to get involved. 
-Consider making a monthly  donation  to Amah Mutsun Land Trust to support the tribe's Indigenous stewardship and cultural relearning work. 
-Check out to protect Juristac, an Amah Mutsun sacred site threatened by a proposed mining operation in Santa Clara county. Actions include:  Sign the petition to protect Juristac, an Amah Mutsun sacred site threatened by a proposed mining operation in Santa Clara county. and and

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