Monday, February 23, 2009

March Art Opening: Benjamin Osen

Joining the First Friday Art Tour, SubRosa hosts an opening by local sculptor and conceptual artist Ben Osen.  Please join us for the opening show that will run through the month of March:

Workbench Progeny
Objects and Unventions by Benjamin Osen

Opening Reception March 6th 5pm
at SubRosa
703 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz

Benjamin Osen - Workbench ProgenyBenjamin Osen is a craftsman of sculpture and object who injects whimsical possibilities into the ordinary articles of life. Born and raised in Feather River country, Northern California, Osen is an artist interested in histories as they are told by objects. Formally trained as a sculptor, his work praises the unnoticed beauty all around us, while inescapably engaging the world of fine art.

plier-screws by Benjamin OsenWorkbench Progeny exhibits Osen’s ability to create aesthetically beautiful works that remain grounded by their references to function and usefulness. Challenging the function-over-form mentality of DIY and Homebrew culture, he envisions the homemade object as an outlet for artistic refinement. Focusing on the tools of his trade, Osen transforms memories from his background in construction into tangible items that stand as works of their own.

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