Sunday, May 1, 2011

Indigenous Resistance Film Series, Wednesdays in May at 7pm

The first film screening on Wednesday May 4th, at 7pm is a benefit for local herbalists who are going to Black Mesa to participate in the Spring Health Clinic. $3-$5 donation is appreciated.

**A Note from folks from the Red Root Herbal Collective: As you may already be aware, a series of temporary herbal & bodywork clinics have recently been organized at Big Mountain (Black Mesa, Arizona), the first taking place last Spring. In brief, these free, volunteer-run clinics are a way to support the direct needs of residents of Black Mesa who have been resisting coal mining and forced relocation on their ancestral lands for over three decades. Health care services in these areas are minimal and much knowledge of plant and healing traditions is passing away with the older generations.

It is for these reasons that a member of the Big Mountain community proposed the week-long clinics. Herbalists from Santa Cruz previously co-organized clinics in May of 2010 and in November of 2010 in conjunction with the Fall Caravan of Support. There will be another temporary clinic this May 12-18th.

The last two clinics have relied largely on medicines that participating herbalists brought themselves, supplemented by donations. While this worked in the past, this year we are hoping to receive more extensive donations of medicine and/or money to purchase supplies.

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