Friday, May 27, 2011

Upcoming Artists

SubRosa is proud to present a staff art show of mixed medium pieces by 8-10 members of the Subrosa collective. Join us in welcoming SubRosa's collective art collection to its own walls for the month of June.

Collectively SubRosa dabbles in a cornucopia of mediums drawing inspiration from the local community, other like-minded projects in lands far and near, and an undying love of anarchist ideals. From queer polyamorous love triangles, to consensus meetings, to cats, to making sauerkraut, to busking on Pacific avenue SubRosa always brings a deliciously earnest amount of love, respect, and optimism to whatever they do. SubRosa is an activist, a loving father, daughter, anarchist, son, cousin, mother, an excellent lover, saboteur, and shape-shifter. SubRosa spends their free time riding bikes, long walks in the forest, sailing Monterey bay, slinging, cracking jokes, playing music, tending the garden, and making yummy food.

On opening night SubRosa will make a special appearance and demonstrate its many talents on stage. There will be singing, dancing, laughing, learning and eating all in one magical night with your friendly local infoshop.
SubRosa Staff Art Show
Selected Works by members of the Subrosa Collective
Artists Reception Friday, June 3rd 6pm
Staff Talent Show at 7pm
SubRosa, 703 Pacific at Spruce St

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