Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday and Saturday goings-on!

Friday May 27th at 7pm

A Celebration and Memorial
of the Life and Works of
Howard Zinn

Please join us in commemorating Howard Zinn with reading excerpts of his writings, with sharing the influence he has on our lives, and with thoughts on how we might continue this important work.

Saturday May 28th at 7pm

Indescribable... Indestructible... The Jack Daniels Sessions EP Summer Book Tour 2011!

Join writer and performance artist Elwin Cotman for the west coast launch of his debut short story collection, The Jack Daniels Sessions EP!

Also appearing is writer Kim Vodicka, a performance/sound lyric poet out of New Orleans who will be traveling with her chapbook.

Both are emerging artists, and are also dynamic and experienced performers.

Published by Six Gallery Press, The Jack Daniels Sessions EP is a collection of folktale-based works which address America's complex racial dynamics. Rather than offer mere escape, these stories tackle the often hard lessons of history head-on.

According to Michael S. Begnal, author of Ancestor Worship: "Mr. Cotman's interests are wide-ranging. Punk rock intersects with D.C.'s Dominican community, African-American folktale intersects with Greek myth, Goth teen suburban angst in 1990s Ohio sits side by side with racist atrocity in the pre-Civil Rights South, and magic is going on. Yeah, there's magic in some of these stories, but the real magic is in Cotman's words themselves--stark and deadpan one moment, lushly descriptive the next."

A storyteller in the traditional sense, Cotman has traveled the country, enthralling audiences with his unique mix of fiction, music and song. Having honed his skills in the Washington DC open mic scene, he has gained a reputation as a dynamic mixed-media performer. A former resident of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writers Cooperative, Cotman has also been published in The Front Weekly, The Fairfield Review, Outsider Ink and The Dirty Napkin.

Kim Vodicka began writing when the novelty of nail biting faded (~age 13). Alas, her hard(ly) work(ing) has paid off, as she is currently an MFA in Poetry Candidate at LSU. Kim has been published in Shampoo and Ekleksographia.

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