Sunday, March 11, 2012

Join the editors of "Queer Ultra Violence: Bash Back! Anthology" for a discussion on "Queer Resistance in the Age of Austerity"

Tuesday March 13th at 7:30pm
Queer Ultra Violence: Bash Back! Anthology published by Ardent Press
February, is an analytical anthology that chronicles the
(non)organization and militant qu...eer tendency known as Bash Back!

Although short lived, Bash Back! had an astonishing impact on both
radical and queer organizing in the United States. Bash Back! took on
assimilation, anti-queer violence,the queer radical establishment,
capitalism with a queer struggle that rejected traditional
politics. The anthology compiles essays, interviews, and
communiqu├ęs to
document the new queer tendency spawned by the
Bash Back! years.
As capitalism and the state are thrown into deeper and deeper crisis,
queers and all others historically excluded from both formal economies
and from the safety net of the nuclear family, will bear the brunt of the
age of austerity. Reflecting critically on the past several years of radical
queer action and imagination, the editors of Bash Back! Queer
will attempt to navigate queer space and potential in a
world torn by crisis.

Through this talk, Eanelli and Baroque will present a series of proposals
for action and survival, taking as their starting point the position of queer
autonomy and queer revolt against the State and Capital. This lecture will
theorize queer gangs, self-defense networks, occupations, communes
and a praxis of vengeance.

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