Thursday, March 22, 2012

Check Out the New Books at the Anarchist Library!

We have been getting donations of books the past couple of weeks and adding them to the Anarchist Library. Many new selections in the Cultural Studies and in the Political & Economic Theory sections, plus a smattering for the Anarchy, History and Gender Studies sections. We are on the look out to add wonderful, radical books in all of the categories of the library. Below is a list of categories to remind you of the varied selection that the library has to offer.

-Anarchy & Anarchism & Anarchists
-Political & Economic Theory

-Art, incl. Comics, Film, Surrealism

-Cultural Studies (very varied)

-Health & Psychology

-Indigenous Studies

-Ecology, incl. Deep Ecology, Anti-civ & Nature

-Parenting & Education

-D.I.Y.- Do It Yourself Stuff
-For the Kids!
-Biography & Autobiography

-Literature & Poetry

-Libros en Espanol

-Gender Studies, incl. Radical -Feminism & Queer Theory

-Reference- books not to leave SubRosa

We are always looking for more donations of radical books, particularly for the Anarchy, Ecology and Indigenous Studies sections. If you have some books that you would like to donate bring them down to SubRosa and give them to a staffer (you may want to call first at 824-4373 to make sure that the space is open).


A-Library Librarian

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