Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Announcing Our Fall Fundraiser!

On November 1st, SubRosa celebrates its Four-Year Birthday!  Amazing. Who would have thought this crazy idea would take hold and grow roots in Santa Cruz the way it has? It's been a bumpy ride at times and, thanks to your support, we are still thriving.

We are trying to collect $2500 by the end of the year.  Your donation in our Fall Fundraiser helps us keep providing this space for radical social change. Our rent is likely to go up a lot in the coming months.  Please feel free to set up a regular (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) donation to the space.

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There have been a lot of subtle changes to SubRosa in the last year, that you may or may not have noticed. 

During spring a lot of our staffers go a'rambling, so the hours and days we were open got kinda wonky.  During our summer staff camp out, we decided to consolidate our staffing resources.  So we now have consistent regular hours 9am to 2pm every day, with the afternoons reserved for special events, such as open mic, an improv workshop, kids care, and lots of free skool classes.

We have been changing around the Garden Courtyard a bit to make it a more lovely place to hang out with friends on a sunny fall day.  You'll see more changes near the end of October as well.

We have hundreds of new books for sale.  We gathered a ton of stuff from book fairs in Seattle, LA, Edmonton, and Minneapolis, as well as from Bay Area local AK Press.  Come in and check it out.

We'll be checking in with you again as the Fall Fundraiser progresses.  And as always, since we are fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your donations are tax deductible.  If you need a non-profit receipt, just ask.

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