Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hate Facebook?

So do we.  But sometimes we find ourselves using it in spite of ourselves.  Ah, the contradictions and compromises of modern times and global capitalism. 

If you do use Facebook to keep up with what's happening, local events, friend's bands, and so on, you can also keep up with what's happening at SubRosa.  (And there is a lot going on, indeed.)  Beyond just liking us, we suggest you might "like" us on Facebook too.  Check out our facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/subrosaproject

And if you do not "like" Facebook at all, not a problem.  All of our SubRosa events are posted on the front page of our website and listed on our online calendar.  Check that out here:  http://www.subrosaproject.org/2008/02/subrosa-events-calendar.html

Okay, so enough of this interwebs hoohaw.  Back to creating awesome shows, events, workshops, classes, open mic, and meetings, and serving up great coffee, subversive literature, and great books.

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