Sunday, March 24, 2013

Art Opening Fri. April 5th- Stitched Figures

April 2013: "Stitched Figures"

"Stitched Figures is a collection of photographs working to capture the living threads, the bodies and beings I've encountered in my life and stitch them together in effort to gain the essence of each being I stumble upon."

Featuring raw images of individuals over the past year, encompassing the moment in which they were seen.  Shot in various cities of California, touching upon rebellion, pain, melancholy, vices, and conceptual images of  characters alike to instill the essence of who they are.

"A fraction of these images are from lost nights and fuzzy memory; for personal reminisce of the vacant relics absent in my mind."

Emily Howell currently resides in Santa Cruz where she spends her time studying art at the UC, playin' fuzzy garage rock, breathing coffee, mad bikin', drinkin' gin and tonics and discoverin' lost territories with her partner in crime.  She uses her camera as a vehicle to ingrain the ones she's fond of and the beings she perceives to be unique characters in society.  
                  Art opening Friday April 5th at 6:30 
                                       plus snacks and live music!

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