Friday, April 12, 2013

So Much Going On At SubRosa In The Weeks Ahead!

Community Brunch
and much more happening 

at SubRosa!
703 Pacific Ave.

Sunday April 14th- 9am-12pm, friends of SubRosa will be making waffles and you can also bring toppings and other brunchy food to share!

and the next week...

Saturday April 20th- 11am-2pm,
Wafflocalypse:  Community Brunch in conjunction with the Really Really Free Market
- a completely free market based on a gift-economy striving to subvert exploitative exchange.  Bring food to share, special items that you don't use but can't throw away, and/or special talents to offer people.  Please remember to take home whatever you bring that doesn't get taken!

And then the next day, Sunday April 21,
attend and participate in the Improv Workshop, 3-5pm- Come play!  We will be exploring improvisational acting and interactive games as a way to nurture creativity, spontaneity, playfulness, trust, confidence and a general sense of well-being.  No experience required.

Whow!  and the day after that, Monday April 22nd,
come to Spaceclub: Radiolab, 7-9pm-
The first hour we'll be listening to a Radio LAB show, followed by a one hour group discussion on the topic. Topics- April: Choices. Requirements: Something comfy to sit on while listening. 

And of course, come and participate in the weekly Open Mic, every Thursday, sign-ups at 7:30pm, and the third Thursday is the Women Trans Queer Open Mic!

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