Friday, June 28, 2013

Free Skool Summer calendar link & info for 1st week of classes

Summer is definitely here.  The days are hot, grasses in the forest meadows are  golden, and the streets are clogged with tourists. 

Also, the new Free Skool calendar for summer is out!  You can check it out by going to the link below, and go to SubRosa to pick up a print copy.  There are also a couple of classes happening at SubRosa this week (and other classes happening all over town as Free Skool is not centered at one particular place). We are also distro-ing calendars around town.

Yup.  Here's the new calendar.   And below is the first week (or so) of classes.

Rad Kids Playday/Parents Discussion
Wed Jul 3rd, 17th, 31st, Aug 14th, 28nd, Sep 11th, 25th –  4pm @ Grant St Park                                                                   
with Michelle and Jesse        
Part play group and part parenting group, this is a place for kids, parents, and others with young kids in their lives to come play, make friends, and discuss topics related to raising rad kids. We could read books for parents and kids, and possibly go on some field trips. Contact us if you have questions. Requirements: Children should be accompanied by an adult. Bring snacks to share if you want.  Note: Only the first meeting will be held at Grant St. Park. For other dates, contact for location

Horray Crochet!
Sat Jul 6th, 20th, Aug 3rd, 17th –  3-5pm @ Ocean View Park                                                                            
with Ray                                    
Come learn the art of crochet! All experience levels welcome. I will start the class with beginning stitches and techniques, and then will be free to help with projects and other questions for more experienced crocheters. This will be a relaxed and fairly informal crochet circle, so feel free to swing by to craft and hang out! I will have limited supplies available. Requirements: Beginners: please bring a hook size H or I and worsted weight yarn to work with. 

Beach Yoga
Sun Jul 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, Aug 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th –  8:30-9:45am @ Twin Lakes Beach                                                                          
with Erica                                    
Join us for yoga on the beach for all levels of experience! We'll do a brief meditation and morning flow work. Requirements: Please bring a towel or mat. Directions: Meet on sand between 13th and 14th Ave near volleyball court.

Women/Trans Bike Workshop
Sun Jul 7th, 21st, Aug 4th, 18th, Sep 1st, 15th –  Noon-3pm @ The Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave                                             
with WTF Bike Church Mechanics                                                               
Bicycle maintenance has traditionally been an overwhelmingly male-dominated area. This workshop provides a safer space for women and trans identified folks to work on their bikes and learn new skills.  Taught by women/queer mechanics. Requirements: Women/Trans/Queer Folk only please Directions: Entrance on Spruce St

Write On a Creative Writing Group
Mon Jul 8th, 22nd, Aug 12th, 26th,  Sep 16th, Sep 30th –  7-830pm @ Email for location                                                                          
with Tiffany                                
Do you write? Want some feedback? Come hear, and be heard. Be it poetry, flash fiction, vingnettes, or epic novels, come one come all. Please email to sign up to read your creative piece on the dates specified, so we can have a better gauge of the time we'll need. Requirements: If you are presenting please remember to print your piece so that people can write you feedback on it and give it back to you at the end. Directions: Email for directions.

Compassionate Communication
Tue Jul 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Aug 13th, 20th, 27th, Sep 10th, 17th, 24th –  7-9pm @ Roundtree Condo Clubhouse, 201 Nobel                                  
with Karen and Bridgette 
Using NonViolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, we will engage in exercises to develop self-empathy and compassionate communication skills. Students will learn the process and become fluent in a language of feelings and values, and how to enrich life for oneself and others. NVC helps people develop a consciousness of compassion, nonjudgment, and awareness. People who learn NVC say it helps them feel happier and empowered.  

Early Christianity
Wed Jul 10th, 24th, Aug 7th, 21st –  5pm @ SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave.                                                            
with Rabbit Killer                           
A historical study of early Christianity focusing on the critical period following the death of the historical Jesus to the formation of the faith's major tenets at the Council of Nicea in 325. We will discuss questions like: how do the intellectual descendants of revolutionaries become so orthodox and rigid? Why did Christianity win out over all the competing belief systems? What were the "Lost" Christianities like? 

English Country Dance
Thu Jul 11th, 25th, Aug 8th, 22nd, Sep 12th, 26th –  7-9:30pm @ First Congregational Church, 900 High St.                             
with Michael                                        
English country dance is a lively form of folk dance that was popular in the Renaissance era. Couples dance in sets and weave through elaborate patterns as they interact with other couples. Beginners are very welcome. This is an excellent place to learn. We have live music on the second Thursday of the month. We're a casual, fun-loving group. Come dance with us!  Directions: We meet in the UPPER hall, next to the UPPER parking lot.

Teaching Kick-Ass Classes and Workshops
Sat Jul 13th, 27th –  12:30-1:30pm @ SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave.                                                            
with Tai                                      
How to teach a great class or give a really kick ass workshop so your students leave satisfied and wanting to come back for more. Making a lesson plan. Keeping students engaged. Tips for performance anxiety. Small vs. large group lessons. Dealing with activities and more. Requirements: Bring problems you've had or experienced in classes before so we can discuss them.  

And there are many. many more great classes in the Summer Free Skool calendar, which goes through September!

The What-and-Why of Free Skool Santa Cruz:  A radically different approach to living and learning, Free Skool Santa Cruz is a decentralized grassroots educational project with classes held in homes, social spaces, and parks.  It is an opportunity to learn from each other and share what we know, with a focus on self-reliance, community, do-it-yourself culture and creating a new and beautiful world.

The project strives to blur the lines between teacher, learner, and organizer while posing a direct challenge to dominant institutions and coercive power structures.  Part of creating a new world is resistance to the old one.  Through Free Skool, we strive to change the way we learn, teach, and relate to each other.

with love,
the Free Skool Collective

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