Saturday, June 29, 2013

I cannot slow down, First Friday July, Art show by Forrest Ripley-Phipps

Friday, July 5th

Art, music, snacks!

When I do art I cannot slow down. I make thick lines and layer thicker lines over those, smearing dirt and lead over the piece as I go. I would like to think that the rough quality of most of my pieces speaks to the process I went through in creating them, or at least gives a little clarity to the place I was emotionally at the time.  I really try to let go and draw what I feel at the time, usually ending up in a cartoony mess that seems like personal truth to me.  My favorite mediums are wood scraps and paper with pencil or chalk/charcoal, though I also have a fondness for pen, oil pastels, and acrylics.  This show is made up of art that I created over the year-and-a-half-ish I lived in Oakland and hopefully encompasses some of what I experienced on a day-to-day basis, or more importantly, what I was dealing with in my life and how I felt when I eventually ended up in my room again surrounded by art supplies.
- Forrest Ripley-Phipps

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