Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This Week (plus more) at SubRosa!

Hello friends!  Here is some info for the next week's worth of scheduled happenings at SubRosa...and also drop on by during our regular open hours and help make SubRosa a vibrant social space!

Some Free Skool classes are happening at SubRosa  Go check out the full calendar at the Free Skool website,

-Wednesday July 10th-  regular SubRosa open hours are 2-7pm

 Huff meeting, 2-4pm.  HUFF is Santa Cruz's oldest and most stubbornly persistent grass roots homeless advocacy group. We make trouble for the powers that be and fight institutional human rights abuses.
Early Christianity, 4-5pm (or maybe beginning a bit after 4pm).  A Free Skool Santa Cruz class.  A historical study of early Christianity focusing on the critical period following the death of the historical Jesus to the formation of the faith's major tenets at the Council of Nicea in 325. We will discuss questions like: how do the intellectual descendants of revolutionaries become so orthodox and rigid? Why did Christianity win out over all the competing belief systems? What were the "Lost" Christianities like?

-Thursday July 11th-  regular SubRosa open hours are 2-7pm

Open Mic, 7:30 (sign-ups) and starts around 8pm.  Come express yourself.  Donations are appreciated.

-Friday July 12th-  regular SubRosa open hours are 2-7pm

-Saturday July 13-  regular SubRosa open hours are 2-7pm

Teaching Kick Ass Classes and Workshops, 12:30-1:30.  A Free Skool Santa Cruz class.  How to teach a great class or give a really kick ass workshop so your students leave satisfied and wanting to come back for more. Making a lesson plan. Keeping students engaged. Tips for performance anxiety. Small vs. large group lessons. Dealing with activities and more.

-Sunday July 14th-  regular SubRosa open hours are 2-7pm (but sometimes there is no one to staff)

-Monday July 15th-  SubRosa is closed.  Go swimming in the river outside of town or in the ocean.

-Tuesday July 16th-  SubRosa is closed for regular open hours but there is a great event in the evening.

HPV Workshop!  7-9pm.  HPV is known to be the cause of virtually all cervical cancers. In the US, half of all cervical cancers are found in folks who have never received a pap smear. Cervical cytology (the pap smear) is the single most effective way to prevent these types of cancer and yet for those of us who have access to, or provide regular screening, the new recommendations suggest less screening, not more. Come learn what modern medicine now understands about HPV after experimenting on our bodies for last 20 years. In this workshop we hope to demystify HPV, abnormal PAP results (ASCUS, Cervical Dysplasia) and discuss some ideas for herbal intervention where appropriate.

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