Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Final Straw: A view from Sao Paolo on resistance to FIFA; Layla Abdel Rahim on "Wild Children - Domesticated Dreams"

In previous weeks I have posted links to zines that offer thought provoking perspectives on the realm of theory-into-action.  Now I offer a link to a radio show that also offers radical perspectives to consider and act upon as you will.  And now freely lifted from http://anarchistnews.org (a site with many interesting articles, but I caution you about reading the comments).

Final Straw: A view from Sao Paolo on resistance to FIFA; Layla Abdel Rahim on "Wild Children - Domesticated Dreams"

Streaming at AshevilleFM through June 29nd, 2014, then podcasting later at radio4all.net and airing on KOWA-LPFM in Olympia, WA, KWTF in Bodega Bay, CA, KXCF in Marshall, CA, and WCRS-LP Columbus Community Radio 98.3 and 102.1 FM

This week's show features mainly a dubbed interview by comrades at A-Radio Berlin with a member of a Comite Popular da Copa in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The interviewee speaks about the context of resistance in Brazil and how it's developed, public discourse around elections, the cost of living, developments around the FIFA World Cup and upcoming Olympics in Brazil. He discusses the links between politicians supporting these huge events, the political power of the construction companies, the displacement of poor, urban peoples and the further gentrification of cities under the guise of facilitating these huge events that draw short term profits but cause longterm damages. Information about the Comite Popular da Copa in Sao Paolo can be found at: http://comitepopularsp.wordpress.com/

More works by A-Radio Berlin can be found at http://aradio.blogsport.de

At about 40 minutes into the show, the begin presenting a conversation with Layla AbdelRahim about her recent book, "Wild Children - Domesticated Dreams: Narratives of Civilization and Wilderness". She is an anarchaprimitivist who explores ideas of education, domestication and civilization in terms of childhood development and overall human health. In this portion, we define some terms and talk about instrumentalization of living things and symbolic thought and how they are used to shape the child's mind into the civilized and non-empathic perspective. Info on the book can be found at http://www.fernwoodpublishing.ca

Sean Swain, this week, talks about the corruption and enslavement involved in the construction of the Ohio State Capital building in Colombus.

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