Monday, November 24, 2014

A Farewell to Free Skool Santa Cruz Celebration

Free Skool Santa Cruz: Beginnings and Endings and New Beginnings.

Save the date! Fri, Dec 5, 5pm,

The five of us are gathered outside, just past dusk and before the moon rise.  One person hands us old Free Skool calendars from a flat cardboard box.  Each of us has a small stack.

“Look, Spring 2007!”

“I’ve got Winter 2010!”

Each of us holds up the calendars we are naming, and we see the distantly familiar header and display of class names, before we ball up the paper and place it in the center of the dark fire ring. 

“This is a fitting way to begin our talk,” another one of us remarks, as the calendars are set aflame to start our fire, “very ritualistic.”

We, who are in the Free Skool collective, are gathered to talk about the project:  beginnings and endings and new beginnings…?...

Some themes emerge:  a couple of us remember the Free School that preceded Free Skool, a different project but still an inspiration…we remember the people we met for the first time and who became good friends…the engaging classes we attended and/or taught…we trace back the last eight years or so of our shared history in Santa Cruz, struggles and celebrations…

And one of us quietly offers an idea that catches fire among us, just like the old calendar pages in the fire ring…how about if we have an event for everyone to do some of what we are doing tonight, to remember the project and people…

And so we invite you to SubRosa, Friday December 5th at 5pm, for a Farewell to Free Skool Santa Cruz Celebration, as we let go of this current version of the project.

All 30 calendars from the project's 9+ years will be hung on the walls and this will be an opportunity to connect with each other and remember what was, and perhaps to imagine what could still be.

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