Friday, November 28, 2014

This Saturday: A Show!/ This Sunday- Punk Amok Presents: COMING OF (R)AGE Film Series, 1st Film

On Saturday  at 7pm...A SHOW! bring $ for touring bands (notaflof)

Bands from all over the place...from Portland, Santa Cruz and elsewhere!  A Good Time (yup, i even capitalized the words).  Don't let the rain keep you will make the night all the more special.

On Sunday at 7:30pm...Punk Amok Presents: COMING OF (R)AGE Film Series, 1st Film

Come to SubRosa to find out what the film will be, look for flyers around town and at the finest punk and cooperative houses.  The internet makes it too easy to find out things at the click of a button, and the thrill of discovery is blunted.  

The films feature youth confronting a world not of their liking or making, and attempting to assert themselves in conditions that are antithetical to their desires.

In the first film on Sunday November 30th, anger and boredom drive a group of kids to wreck havoc on their 1970s planned community and to strike a blow at the suburban dream.

And here is another reminder to come to SubRosa, Friday December 5th at 5pm, for a Farewell to Free Skool Santa Cruz Celebration, as we let go of this current version of the project.

All 30 calendars from the project's 9+ years will be hung on the walls and this will be an opportunity to connect with each other and remember what was, and perhaps to imagine what could still be.


other events happening around town!

Action Training Fall 2014 Calendar
(last few workshops of the schedule)
Presented by Santa Cruz Forest Keepers
tending & defending land and water

As redwood cones fall and spiders weave webs through forest edges, let’s meet up to share skills and stories of resistance so that we may be better prepared to act in defense of threatened forests and watersheds.
Trainings are free, events NOTAFLOF.

Know Your Rights: Resist the Police State
Saturday, December 6th @ 3pm
at Subrosa, 703 Pacific Ave.
Know your “rights” before you find yourself in hot water. Keep yourself safe(r) from police repression. Detentions, arrest, searches, interrogation, jail, warrants, and police infiltration. Learn the phrase: “I’m going to remain silent. I would like to see a lawyer.”

Climb Training 2: Anchors/Traversing
Sunday, Dec 7th: 11-4pm
RSVP for location
Tree climbing training. Covers knots, gear , prusiking, repelling. Covers some more advanced climb skills like anchors, setting a line and traversing. Basic climb training 1 or equivalen
t experience recommended.  Bring gear if you have it.

Responding to Traumatic Events
Saturday, Dec 13th: 12- 5pm
at Subrosa, 703 Pacific Ave.
This course will cover biological/physiological responses to extreme events and will explore ways to prepare and condition ourselves to thrive and survive. There will be lecture/discussion and practical application. Brings snacks, etc and materials to take notes if desired.

Upper Campus FOREST WALKS schedule: Fall 2014 ( last couple of the schedule)

Fall in Santa Cruz is the season of renewal. Parched trees shed their needles, cones, nuts & crispy leaves; long-awaited showers bring the sleeping splendor of the forest to life. Let’s explore together in this awakening forest that is threatened by UCSC expansion.

Walks are free and hosted by volunteers, with no university sponsorship. Unless otherwise stated, rain does not cancel!

Monday, December 1st: Fall Forest Observation and Appreciation
2pm @ North Remote
Kids welcome, heavy rain cancels
Let’s walk through the forest and talk about seasonal changes— what’s going on in the wilds of the woods right now? There are ALWAYS amazing things happening, and there is probably a really cool reason for everything we see.

Sunday, December 7th: Plant Observation and Illustration
2pm @ North Remote
Rain cancels. Kids welcome. Bring drawing materials. RSVP
We’ll each find a plant we like, sit to do some closer observation, and then draw them, botanical illustration style. Along the way we’ll also be talking about plant anatomy, medicinal/edible uses, and how the plants interact with their ecosystems.

—Santa Cruz Forest Keepers

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