Monday, December 8, 2014

This Week! Figure Drawing/ Coming of (R)AGE film series/ Tools for White Anti-Racist Organizing/ Board Games/ Responding to Traumatic Events Workshop

Everyday This Week
At SubRosa!

-Mon. Dec. 8th, 5:30pm,
Figure Drawing: Round 2

    Free figure drawing session! Every week, we gather to spend a few hours drawing bodies. Bring your drawing supplies if you have them, and the host will make sure there are a few extras for folks in need. We take turns modeling: no one is required to model, but everyone is encouraged.

-Tues. Dec. 9th, 6pm,
More Figure Drawing!

    See above for more info!

-Wed. Dec. 10th, 7:30pm,
Punk Amok Presents: Coming of (R)AGE film series

    A lonely 12 year old boy growing up working class in 1980's England, finds friendship amongst a group of skinheads.  Violent racism eventually tears the group apart in a stark portrayal of post-war white nationalist youth culture and working class British punk origins.

Come to SubRosa to find out what the film will be, look for flyers around town and at the finest punk and cooperative houses.  The internet makes it too easy to find out things at the click of a button, and the thrill of discovery is blunted. 

-Thurs. Dec. 11th, 7pm,
Tools for White Anti-Racist Organizing: Part 1
    This is a space for anyone with an interest in dismantling racism (and intersecting systems of oppression) to collectively discuss effective ways for white people, specifically activists, organizers, and radicals, to talk to other white people about race and racism.

This will be less of a lecture and more of a skillshare: a place to learn from each other through talking about our own experiences trying to undo racism in our lives and communities. You don't need to be an expert, and you don't need to be white in order to attend.

Topics may include, and are not limited to:

-Confronting family/friends when they say something racist: how do you do it?
-What does it mean to be an 'ally'? What are some radical critiques of the term?
-How does race consciousness evolve for different people?
-What's the difference between racism and white supremacy?

And much, much more...

Free topical literature will be included with the workshop, and SubRosa has a great collection of relevant zines for sale, for anyone wanting more resources. Bring yourself, an openness to dialog on complex subjects, and any food, drink, or resources you'd like to share!

Note: This is a two-part workshop, with the second half taking place Sunday the 14th. There may be overlap between the two halves, depending on turnover in attendance.

-Fri. Dec. 12th, 7-9pm, BYOB (Bring Your Own Board Game)

    Do it.  It'll be fun.

-Sat. Dec. 13th, 12-5pm, Responding to Traumatic Events

    This course will cover biological/physiological responses to extreme events and will explore ways to prepare and condition ourselves to thrive and survive. There will be lecture/discussion and practical application. Brings snacks, etc and materials to take notes if desired (part of the Action Training Fall 2014 Calendar Presented by Santa Cruz Forest Keepers).

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