Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fri Art Opening/ Couple of Shows/ Events Around Town!

-Friday April 1st, 6pm- Art Opening with Nick Shoulders & Shawnee Miller

Each month, SubRosa hosts a new artist from the community with emphasis on local emerging artists. SubRosa art openings are part of the First Friday Art Tour, beginning at 6pm.

Come here stranger here outcast here heartacher and gentle otherling and take this searchlight this talisman this beacon this one is for you.

Where from shadowed hillside and you on your lonesome some dim light shines from noreastern faced G L I M illuminates the black fluorescence you're hailing from.

Be it photocopied snailmailed dog-eared hand annotated or handed down this work is your ticket stub your weaving pattern your smile in the darkness your road map to the backroads that shows the way home. This is the last dirge of the heartland's soft slow death to those hard new gods.

Nick Shoulders draws from haunted hollows, where hidden histories seep out of caves like cold springwater, forgotten to most but known to those who remember how to look. This work is one voice in the solid gold country choir, tasked with singing the last song of the dying land. This is a hand drawn map of the long road home. It starts (and ends) on a dead end dirt road in the Ozark Mountains, a lone light on a black ridge. This is for the laughably lost and powerfully confused, this one's for the old at heart.

Shawnee Miller (b 1991) plaits knot grass in the shadow of towery highrise. Consistently overcomes improbable inertia perpetuating highly inefficient processes. Learning to love best the things that leave, she will be on the broken-down front porch waiting for the day all this falls in to the sea.

Yeah! It all begins at 6pm!  Also, come enjoy music with Matty Walts and Jacky Utah, and snacks and beverages.

-Tuesday April 5th, 7-10pm-
A Show with Like a Villain and others!

here's some links to the musicians stuff:

LIKE A VILLIAN is an experimental/pop project--screaming, opera singing, throat singing and clarinet playing--on tour AND AND AND AND

-Wednesday April 6th, 7am-9am:
  RiseUp and Shine! Anarchy for breakfast.

Come drink coffee and eat a scone over a copy of the NYTimes. Discussion on current events sure to ensue along with our Riseup and Shine morning Anarchy community poll.  

(and other open hours at 11am, or maybe earlier, with the HUFF meeting at 11am

and later that evening! 7pm!
Seattle dreampop (
with Lilac and Fernly
bring $ for touring bands (notaflof)

Also come to SubRosa during our regular open hours!

-Wednesday- 7am- 9am- RiseUp & Shine! AND 11am-2pm (also HUFF, Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom open meeting)
-Thursday- 2pm-6pm AND 8pm-10pm- Late Night Open Hours - (come hang out, enjoy the space, and listen to cloudy slow jamz and R&B every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month)
-Friday- 2pm-6pm
-NEW! Sunday morning open hours!

And other events happening elsewhere in Santa Cruz!

Wednesday March 30th, 7pm:  Familias Unidas speaking tour w/ farmworkers from Baja & WA at Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos 1817 Soquel Ave

Farmworkers representing Familias Unidas por la Justicia (FUJ), an independent farmworker union, are on a west coast tour to promote the Driscoll's Boycott and the continued organization of indigenous farmworkers across international borders. Come out to hear their important messges and show your support. They are promoting labor rights for Driscolls workers, economic justice, and sustainable relationships to land and food.

• Panel discussion w/ Familias Unidas por la Justicia representatives from San Quintín, Baja and Skagit County, WA
• Solidarity statements from Watsonville Brown Berets, Beach Flats Garden Coalition
• Raffle to raise funds for FUJ
• Snacks provided
• Event will be bi-lingual

$5-20 donation for FUJ, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Thursday March 31, 7pm:
Sin Barras presents a film screening of Visions of Abolition: From Critical Resistance to a New Way of Life- At the Louden Nelson Center St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

This documentary was designed as a teaching tool to expand knowledge about the history of the prison industrial complex and the prison abolition movement in the United States.  Part I "Breaking down the Prison Industrial Complex" provides a critical exposé of the mass incarceration, the war on drugs, and the connections between slavery, capitalism and the prison industrial complex (39 mins.) Part II "Abolition: Past, Present & Future" moves beyond criticism, and offers an example of prison abolition in practice (48 mins). This film features Angela Y. Davis, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Susan Burton, Melissa Burch, Dylan Rodriguez, and Andrea Smith.

There will be a discussion following the screening. This event is FREE but donations are accepted. The Louden Nelson Community Center is wheelchair accessible.  Film Content/Trigger Warnings: State-sanctioned police violence, images of various individuals getting arrested, mentions of physical and sexual assault.

News from regarding the Beach Flats Community Garden:  "A bulldozer rumbled into the Beach Flats Garden early Thursday morning, March 24, tearing out mature fruit trees and nopales plants that city staff had earlier promised would not be touched, and damaging an already strained relationship between the City and community."  Find out more and about how you can support the gardeners and garden at

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